Friday, July 24, 2015

Our trip, in numbers

  • Number of days: 8
  • Anxiety-fueled meltdowns I had: 2 (one the day before we left, another 5 days into the trip)
  • Fights with G: 2 
  • Fights with MIL: 0
  • Movies watched: 3---Inside Out (kids' choice), Jurassic World (G's choice) and Trainwreck (My choice). The latter two were at my favorite movie theater on earth, with beer & bar food
  • Friends seen: 1 (take out at their house after they put their 1-year old twins to bed)
  • Hours worked: 0.5
  • Hours "worked" while zoning out on blogs: 4.5 
  • Gym visits: 3
  • Trips to the pool: 3
  • Trips with the boys' scooters that we hauled in our suitcases: 1
  • Average Degrees (F): 100 Range 97-103 (without heat index)
  • Rain Days: 0
  • Glasses of Wine consumed: er....too many. it was borderline problematic. 
  • Movies watched by kids at home: again, too many. MIL likes the screentime.
  • Number of us that returned home: 3
  • % better it is with just the one (easy going) kid: 200


  1. Yes, it is at least 200% better with only one. I don't know how the math works but it DOES.

    I love your work vs 'work' distinction.

  2. welcome back :) <3
    we saw trainwreck too! loved it. and i'm taking a to inside out tomorrow . . .we'll see how that goes!

    1. update: she loved it . . .so did i.

  3. Looking forward to seeing Trainwreck on date-afternoon and having a glass or two of wine myself this weekend. I'm glad it wasn't as horrible as you thought it would be.

  4. Not a day goes by when I only have one kid around that I don't think, my god it's so much easier with one. My only question is, why didn't it feel easy when I only had one?!

    Did you kids like Inside Out? I think it went way over my daughter's head. It affected her really strangely. She got a big emotional overload from it, but didn't seem to understand what had happened. I LOVED it and can't wait until she is old enough to really get it, but it seems like at 5yo, it was too complex for her to understand.

    1. I think its all relative. One child compared to zero can seem hard, but when compared to 2, 1 is awesome! Compared to 4, I'm sure 2 is a cake wake.
      I think my 5 year old did sort of get it, he asked questions CONSTANTLY throughout the movie---we'll probably have to watch it several times, with lots of question-answering, until he really gets it. The 3.5 year old didn't get it at all, and was a bit bored. He likes super heroes and adventure. Neither of my kids gets overload from movies, though. They never get scared or freaked out---I'm actually surprised by this.