Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Word of the Year and Fun List

how's that for a clunky title? trying to get this out quickly while eating lunch in the middle of rounding. Not a terrible morning but not as easy as I had hoped. I don't mind, though. This has probably been one of the best New Years Eve and day in a while, and it was all due to the lack of expectations and abundance of SLEEP. We watched the fireworks at 6 pm, with some take-out, took the bus home, got the kids to bed early (by 8!), watched 2 episodes of Breaking Bad (on the one hand, WHY did we wait this long; on the other hand, so happy we have something amazing to watch again!) and then I went upstairs, finished up the last 5% of my book (Ready Player One, so so good) and started a few pages of my next book (10% Happier, I'm sure its great but it made me drowsy last night) and didn't even wake up to hear the supposedly loud "festivities" going on outside.

I'm a cliche cheeseball, but I like choosing a "theme" for the year. in 2015, I chose "Strength". Did I achieve it? Physically---YES. I've gained a ton of muscle all over, especially in my back/shoulders. I can lift & carry heavy stuff for once in my life! Mentally---maybe? I still feel full of anxieties and fears and doubts, but I think I'm making forward progress. I can't expect this goal to ever be fully "met"---its going to be a constant work in progress and as long as I'm making even the slightest forward progress I'm calling it a win.

I thought I'd chosen my 2016 word a few weeks back when I commented on Gretchen Rubin's post about wanting to focus on noticing the good & wonderful things around me. SOmeone suggested "delight" and I loved it! Who wouldn't? What a great happy word! But in really thinking through my goals for the year, I changed my mind. My word for 2016 will be: Lighter.

Yes, I want to lose a few pounds this year (and more on how I hope to do that later), but I also want to lighten my mood, my mind, my stuff, my rigid organized ways. I want to lose even more of the fears and doubts and anxieties that are keeping me from living the life I truly crave. I want to worry a lot LOT less and have my mind feel less heavy and my shoulders less tense. Physically, emotionally, mentally---I want to move through life less bulky and clumsy, less weighted down by things that don't matter.

I also made a "Fun List" for 2015. Lets see how I did, shall we?
  • Vacation, just the 4 of us Our San Diego trip was AMAZING
  • Orchestra performance
  • Summer concert in the park
  • Museum exhibit without the kids
  • Do an "activity" date---take a class, go bowling, etc... We went bowling in August
  • Find 4 new bands/artists that I like
  • Ice-skating, with B (G refuses, L is too little) Took B in February
  • Host a party at our house
  • Celebrate birthdays in big (yet small) waysAll 4 birthdays were celebrated
  • See Fourth of July fireworks Sort of, we all lit the little fireworks at my sister's house, but hte kids fell asleep before the city fireworks went off since they delayed them for rain for over an hour
  • Weekend away without the kids  We had two one-night trips alone in March & then December, and had a 2 night trip to visit friends when staying with my parents in September
Not too bad? My list for 2016 (its a fun + not-so-fun list, I guess; more "non-work goals")
  • Vacation just the 4 of us
  • Establish near-daily meditation practice
  • Ice Skating with BOTH kids
  • go to the beach
  • Eat low carb for at least 4 weeks
  • Weekend away without kids
  • 40th birthday trip with friends
  • Keep in touch with 4 good friends from out of town (totally lost touch with one, but need reminder to stay in touch with other 3)
  • Organize all the digital pictures we have from 2009-2012 (I'll tackle 2013-2016 next year)
OK, gotta go staff a new consult. Happy New Year to you and yours!!!


  1. I think it is a great list. I need to keep in better touch with friends, too. Maybe I'll add that :)

    Your kids are a great age for the beach - can't wait until A&C are less unwieldy because ours is so close.

    Finally wow on the low carb thing! I have swung back and forth SO many times, but have once again landed back on moderation, less meat (!), and no specific limitations but just mindful attentive eating. I think I'm just a true moderator at heart.

    1. I can't get these extra lbs to come off, and everyone seems to swear by it. Not paleo, no way, I don't like meat, so if I'm not eating grains I'll need cheese and legumes!

  2. I really like your word of the year. Maybe I'll use it too...

    1. go for it! We can form a support group.

  3. I love your list of fun things you want to do. I wonder if I should write one for myself, but then I wonder if it would bum me out if I didn't manage to do them... The one thing I REALLY want to do this year is take my kids to snow. Isa has been asking for years and I was all set to make it happen, but then there was no snow, like really, no snow. This year there is snow, and I'm already trying to rope my parents into the trip to offset the cost (I'm bad I know :). Maybe I'll write a few down for myself, so that if I DO manage to get them done, I'll feel better about the year. ;)

    I love your word too. LIGHTER. Now that is delightful.

    1. It actually didn't bum me out that I didn't do all of them, and it was interesting to look at this year and realize that I didn't care about some of those goals anymore, and others were still really high priorities. I purposefully put in a bunch of things I am fairly certain will happen (already planning beach trip and friend trip, and ice skating can happen any weekend) and a few more stretch goals.