Friday, January 20, 2017

Mostly Black

I'm wearing a black dress, a black jacket, black tights, black boots, black earrings...and a psychedelic peace sign necklace plus a neon bead necklace (from my children).

Breathing. Focusing on work, and getting things done. I had lunch with a friend, it was good timing. We commiserated. And ate yummy food.

I am mostly likely taking my boys to our local Women's March tomorrow. We'll go for a short time. Then we have a packed weekend. Fun stuff: a play, date night, a play date at the museum. And the mundane: grocery shopping, food prepping, working out.

It feels surreal. I keep saying that, because it continues to be true. I woke up in the middle of the night, and remembered. And its like the bottom dropped out. How can this be our reality? What does the future hold?

I usually stay clear of melodrama, but I really wanted to make a statement. So I'm in mostly black.


  1. Being with like-minded folks right now is so important.

    In solidarity, Ana.

  2. I'm in all black, too. I have a colorful scarf on, though, held in place with a pin shaped like an origami paper crane. They symbolized peace after the bombing in Hiroshima. I am crying, and I'm terrified. Every time my phone dings with a news story, I'm afraid it's going to say that protesters have been killed, or there's a nuclear war.

  3. Definitely surreal.

  4. Where and when is this march and can I come too?

    1. Look at women's march on Philadelphia. Tomorrow 10-3, from logans square to Eakins oval. Lots of people bringing kids

    2. Thousands have registered, definitely come!

  5. I hope you enjoyed the philly march! I went to the one in D.C. It was inspirational!