Sunday, February 12, 2012


I'm hiding from my life right work. On call this weekend, and yesterday was unexpectedly busy, requiring me to be here from 7:30a-4p (though I did take breaks for pumping & eating). I was actually anxious to leave & go home, to hang with B, help G with chores, and nurse L, but the on-call-deities didn't allow it. When I got home around 5 & heard about the routine chaos at home, though, I was amazingly relieved to have missed it all. Wow! No crying babies or toddler tantrums, not having to go grocery shopping or do laundry. Only 2 hours until (the kids') bedtime! This call thing is a pretty sweet deal!!

L slept terribly last night, & I am tired & annoyed. My whole body feels heavy and the 3 cups of coffee I've had did nothing. I don't feel like dealing with anyone, even my own husband and kids. So... though we finished rounding much earlier today, I'm stalling. I got some lunch and ate it in peace while revising a manuscript I need to submit this week. Now I'm drinking a Diet Coke and writing a blog post. I'll pump again and then I suppose I'll go home to wrangle some kids and organize the house for the week.

I remember when I used to enjoy weekends.


  1. Ana -- Any chance that next weekend, you can arrange for your husband to watch the kids while you take a 2 hour nap? Or go out with your friends? Or something fun? You do deserve to have some fun too, you know....

    I had the following conversation with my husband on Friday night:

    Him: I think I'm going to clean the house this weekend.
    Me: Like hell you are.

    See, if he cleans the house, then I am attached to my baby just like every other day during the week. I love her, but having to always be attached is really hard and it makes it impossible to get stuff done.

    Instead, he played with her for 2 hours on Saturday while I took a nap, and it made all the difference.

    1. Oh OMDG he is awesome about that, the weekend before I took a 2 hour nap, and I did go to yoga/wine bar with a friend one night during the week, too. In fact, I'm usually begging HIM to get some time to himself, he doesn't usually plan anything, and I end up feeling guilty for being the only one asking for help.

    2. I totally hear you on feeling guilty. My husband is the same way, and I also feel like the only one doing the asking a lot of the time. Still... things are hard right now and it seems like you could use the support, even if you don't feel like you're reciprocating at the moment. Over the course of your marriage it will all even out.

  2. I so feel you on this one. My husband took Bun Bun for a day trip on Sunday and it was the best day I'd had in a while. The magic of doing whatever I wanted! Heavenly. So stall a bit. You've earned it...