Thursday, July 16, 2020

Keeping me Sane

Work is insane, our house is a mess, our country is a dumpster fire, and its hot as *&k outside. Things that are helping (besides wine and cheez its):

1) The kids like camp! They say its fun, and are animated and happy when they are picked up. They are tired out and sleep better. They play Four Square and 100000 types of tag and run in sprinklers, eat popsicles, and play board games (occasionally watch movies). And so far (knock wood, etc...) we've had no outbreaks or exposures at any of the city parks and rec camps. Its nice to have something to talk about at the end of day that isn't video game-related. 

2) Camping weekends. Going tomorrow. Can't wait. Only way for me to turn off my brain and feel disconnected from work these days is to truly get away and off the grid. I don't care if we do nothing but swim in the lake and sit by the fire. In fact, that sounds amazing. 

3) My bookclub messenger thread. Yes, if I don't check in a while there can be 100+ messages, but its where I go if I need to vent, have a question, or come across a meme I need to share. 

4) Audiobooks. I just haven't been able to sit and read lately, but listening to an engaging story while I clean up or walk the dog is a nice escape. I did have to abandon my last one mid-listen because it was too complicated a story to follow as audio. Light reads work better. Books post coming soon.

What's keeping you sane? 

Monday, July 13, 2020

Everything to Everyone

Basically a repeat of the "All the Hats" post, X 1000. Work has kicked my ass. I am barely keeping from drowning. Taking on a clinical director role in the middle of "unprecedented times", plus dealing with a huge backlog of patients and patient care issues, working on several simultaneous papers/writing groups, and going up for promotion is A LOT.

Plus my kids started camp---which is great! they like it and are busy and tired out--but its new and they are clingy after. And we are starting to casually look at houses (we need a little more space, we've realized, as we are all on top of each other all the damn time). And G constantly wants to TALK ABOUT IT (houses), while I'm trying to compartmentalize so I don't lose my mind. And my MIL is having health issues, and my parents are worrying me. Oh and we had to do our taxes.

So...I  may have snapped at 1-5 people last week. I just can't do it all and be it all with a smile on my face.

I'm writing this during a no-show televisit even though I should be revising a paper because...I just can't. I took a couple of weeks off from working out, and pretty much did NOTHING this weekend. It was needed. I woke up today with renewed energy & was ready to tackle my plans...and then a million little issues came up like those tiny but bite-y flies, and the motivation is gone. One more patient, an hour on the paper, and I can take a break.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Halfway Through

Well, we have reached the back end of 2020. I just read over my "20 for 2020 list" and hahahahah none of that stuff is happening (unless it already happened before March). 

I don't think I even made June goals, June was a clusterf^&% from beginning to end. Should I make July goals? I dunno.

I'm mostly back at work. I had a full day of patients Monday, worked at home yesterday on admin/research, a half day in-person and half-day telehealth today, taking tomorrow off and Friday is a holiday. So its a short but intense week. 

We are camping again, and packing is MUCH easier, since we have everything ready from last time. Just food & clothes need to be packed tonight. This place is 4 hours away and the boys are already whining about the car ride. But the weather looks amazing, and there is a lake, hiking, canoes...I'm excited! 

Next week I'm in clinic 4/5 days. We'll have students starting elective rotations, too. So basically, work is going to be back to normal, but busier than usual because they want us to see more patients $$$$$

OH! and the camp sent an email yesterday that they are overbooked and unless there are volunteers, they will basically bump some kids to another site...that is NOT possible for us to get them to/from daily. So. Yeah. That sucks. I won't know until tomorrow. Fingers crossed.