Thursday, December 31, 2020

Looking Ahead and Behind

Consider this post a prologue to several posts on 2020 books, 2020 lessons, and 2021 goals that I have planned for the next few weeks

This break has been so relaxing. This is the first time we've stayed home for the holidays and its been the perfect mix of family and alone, work and play, healthy and indulgent. I am sad it is ending.

We have no plans for tonight. Actually no, we plan to make nachos, drink sparkling wine/apple juice, and watch movies. The boys have been staying up ridiculously late all break. we will get back to the routine this weekend. 

Wishing you some peace and joy for the new year. See ya on the flip side!

Wednesday, December 2, 2020


"I can't go on like this"...except I COULD and I DID continue the stress eating/drinking. I'm giving up on trying again lol.

Life has been its usual mix of tolerable and awesome and heinous. My focuses are on: work, kids school, and then a little bit of personal health (workouts) and house stuff (decluttering) thrown in. The kids are still hating on line school and they both got shockingly poor grades on their report cards so we are getting more involved and it suuuuucccckkkkssss.

November highlights:

  • Election! working at the polling place and of course the actual results
  • Camping: our post-election trip and our even more glorious Thanksgiving trip (the weather was amazing)
  • Seeing my parents for the first time in about a year
  • Reading. SO MUCH READING.
  • A last (outdoor) meal with a friend and (outdoor) bookclub before the restrictions tightened so that you can't eat outdoors with anyone outside your family
  • Date night with G while parents visited
December Goals: 

  • Work out daily
  • IF daily until Christmas Eve (the first day I have off work for the holiday)
  • Declutter equivalent of one item per day (i.e. 7 or more per week)
  • Put phone away during dinner and post-dinner hangout time 
  • A few work things

That is all. Taking it easy.