Thursday, June 3, 2021

Quick Updates and June goals

 Its been a month. In no particular order, some things that happened:

  • B got bit by a dog and got a full set of rabies shots (still awaiting the bill for the 4 ER visits)
  • My MIL came for 3 weeks and created a wave of drama and anxiety all around
  • We spent a cold, rainy Memorial Day weekend in a lovely house in the mountains---which we only left for 5 minutes at a time to walk the dog 
  • Finished a chapter, prepared a talk for a conference, co-writing another paper to submit next month
  • Planned our summer (yay!)
  • Read a lot of good books and some meh ones
  • Ate too much junk and drank too much booze and thus gained too much weight 
June Goals:
  • Exercise daily 
  • Book travel arrangements for all summer adventures 
  • No alcohol on weekdays; only when out with others on weekends
  • Write review article, finish co-written manuscript 
  • Start new clinic initiative
  • Create a chore/responsibility schedule for the kids
OK! I can do a post in 7 minutes, so no excuses to leave for so long again!