Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Winter Break Wrap-Up and New Year Kick-Off

And we're off to a fresh start yet again! Before I drown you with my usual deluge of goals and words and plans (and don't worry, I have plenty of those in store!), I'll fill you in on our winter holiday happenings.

I not only survived, but mostly enjoyed, our long, LONG trip to MIL-land. Something has definitely shifted in our relationship, and its made a world of difference. We arrived on Christmas Eve and put up the tree and wrapped up presents for the kids. They were super excited to see that Santa (and mom & dad & grandma) pulled through with toys and games that they played with for about 30 minutes before asking to "watch something". B's birthday was the next day and we only had moderate drama (mostly L, because it was intolerable that it was not HIS birthday). We went to see Moana, made a triple-chocolate cake, and had some family over for pizza in the evening. Also more presents. We did absolutely nothing special for NYE, though we did stay awake, watching a movie. 

We also went and saw two grown up movies: Rogue One, which put me to sleep immediately---or maybe it was the wine & dinner preceding it, and Manchester by the Sea which was the saddest thing I have EVER seen in my life. It was wonderfully written and acted and so so heartbreaking.

We saw two sets of friends and had a few dinners out, took the kids to the museum, jumping place, movies, and 3 different parks, went to the gym several times (I let G show me around the weight room and did strength training, which I hadn't done in years. I realized why I stopped doing it---its boring and involves a lot of waiting for people to finish things), completed many household up-keep projects, I did 3 whole puzzles, played hours and hours of "Mini Metro" on my phone (its super fun and addictive) and drank an ocean's worth of wine (I was at my MIL's house for 11 days. Sure its BETTER, but come on). The kids had limitless screen time, because that's how my MIL rolls, and whatever, it was vacation for them.

After about a week I was starting to get really antsy and ready to get back to real life and start the fresh year. I definitely have a limit to how much "nothing" I can do. We got home last night & I crashed as soon as I put the boys to bed. I left the house before they woke up and saw 7 patients, wrote 7 notes, cleaned out my EMR in-box & called 3 patients, met with my research assistant to plan experiments and study visits, ordered a new planner & bullet journal notebook, scheduled the dog walker, emailed my dad, and had a lunch with a friend/colleague in which we came up with a potential idea for collaboration! After I write this, I'm going to plan the rest of the week and then I have to leave to take B for his flu shot at the pediatricians office. Tonight I unpack, move my stuff into my brand new shiny & waterproof backpack, and get back to the book I'm reading for book club before I get in bed for my 5:30 AM wake up and work-out.

MAN I'm ready for this year. Bring it on! 


  1. DH has officially decided that I can handle 4 days in the rural midwest with my in-laws. So everyone left with everyone wishing the visit had been longer (DH's siblings followed suit with timing-- his sister's family came a day earlier and his brother's stayed a day later). I can't imagine vacationing for 11 days anywhere. (I did stay at the house and work on movie/bouncy house day. So did my BIL's wife. My BIL commented that it's nice to have an excuse to avoid bouncy-house day.)

    You sound super productive!

  2. how could you leave out the most important detail ? WHICH PLANNER :) :) :) ? ha :)

  3. You sound great! Happy new year!

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