Thursday, April 27, 2017

Meta Meta?

(blogging about blogging about blogging)

Which, actually, is boring, so I'll skip it. Here I am. (Also the title of a thought-provoking if not necessarily enjoyable book I read recently). Today is "do all the things I've been putting off for way too long" day and blogging fell on that list.

If I'd written last week, I'd say things were going quite well, but this week has been challenging. Nothing major, just the usual things that can get you down, like sickness, grant rejections, annoying kids, home repairs, constant rain, and to top it off I did something to my lower back and ugh. I think I need to take a break from exercise for a while which makes me cranky because its my favorite and most effective stress relief. Oh, and MIL is coming Saturday night. So...

So while I HAVEN'T been blogging I've been doing the following
  • meditating! I've only missed 4 days so far in April. Now that I've been successful at making it a habit, I'm considering a paid subscription for access to more guided content. I'm debating between Headspace and Calm but welcome reviews/suggestions
  • staying off social media. I'm off facebook for-(maybe)-ever. THANK YOU to zenmoo who recommended the Groups app. Now that I have that figured out, there is NO NEED to ever go on my feed. Bonus---friends are wondering where I am and TEXTING and we are having real interactions! I actually did 3 full weeks of no blogs/facebook/instagram/etc... and it was quite lovely but I missed you guys! I also did a whole weekend of putting my phone away and it was surprising how much it seemed to help---my kids actually seemed better behaved that weekend. 
  • seeing the therapist. After a few sessions of G and I going together, I've been bringing B. This is worth its own post, actually, so I'll just say its been---mixed.
  • not eating so much. HOORAY. My clothes fit again. I'd actually like to keep not eating so much and feel confident in my (very 40-year-old-mom-ish tankini style) swimsuit this summer
  • reading! I love reading book round-up posts from other bloggers so I'll make this its own thing. Likely quarterly. Which  
  • Listening to the West Wing Weekly podcast. I'm a teeny bit obsessed and really want to catch up (they are on season 3, I'm on season 1, we are also re-watching the show and on season 2). 
 Alright. More long-procrastinated things to do. Book round-up post next week. Also my meta-analysis of the meal subscription services we tried this winter because we tried A LOT (but not all...there are always more) and actually did settle on a favorite.  See ya' in sooner than 5 weeks hopefully!