Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Keeping Me Sane right now...

Well blah, I got sick again this weekend, some sort of hybrid cold/stomach thing and I had to bail on meeting a visiting blog friend, which sucked. I'm feeling OK now, it was thankfully short-lived. I'm glad we had the 3 day weekend for a little wiggle room.

I'm still trying to BREATHE (now that I can, without coughing), there is so much that seems uncertain and out of my control. To restore some semblance of control and peace to my life, I've been relying on the following:

  • Decluttering/organizing and giving stuff away on Buy Nothing. I'm more than half-way through my "top to bottom" purging, and things are looking & feeling way better. The less stuff I have, the more I am inspired to use it, too. And I am sort-of, maybe, just a little bit...obsessed with Buy Nothing. I am posting "gives" and organizing pick ups like a fiend. I love when my trash becomes someone's treasure. As I constantly tell G, you really never know what someone may want or need! My unwanted Indian traditional clothes are going to Bhutanese refugees. A large bagful of broken crayons are being made into a craft. Someone wanted to see if my unused magnesium tablets helped them sleep.
  • Planning. I'm planning my work days, my evenings, my weekends, and it feels good to know what I have to look forward to (or not, as the case may be). Order.
  • Reading. After a few mediocre reads, I finally hit the jackpot. I am LOVING "Truly, Madly, Guilty". Cannot put it down. Dying for 9 pm when I can read it again and get closer to figuring out the "big secret". I hope its not a let down. Even if it is, the book is peppered throughout with amazing observations about friendship, marriage, motherhood, work. Read it.
  • Meal delivery kits. I'm going to try all of them (well, some of them, maybe 4 or 5) and do a (non-sponsored, obvs) review post when I'm all done. Takes ALL the planning/weekend prep out of it, though there is a significant amount of work on the actual day to cook the damn thing. But its nice not to have to think about it. We've learned some new recipes too, which I guess is the point, to get out of your rut. We've been in a 7 year rut of rotating the same 4 recipes, eating the same thing all week, and we were both getting sick of it. Its kind of fun to have new things every day, or 3 days a week. 
You guys are killing it with the posts, too. Noemi, SHU (look at the picture of the morning pep talk), Coffee and Tea...among others...really inspiring and thought-provoking.

Back to working through my list!


  1. Eventually #2 on our blog is going to write a review of Purple Carrot, which she likes.

  2. thank you :)

    putting your book on my list!! excited that planning is helping you and very intrigue by the meal-planning-kit reviews!

  3. I'm doing a lot of planning of my week and it's definitely helping. Things don't always go as I planned/hoped ("hang out night" tonight was a total bust), but I do appreciate being proactive.

    I'll get on the wait list for that book!

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