Monday, October 3, 2011

A watched pot...

a big humongous filled to the brim with water pot, placed on very very  low heat. That's what I feel like!

Got review from sponsored projects about my grant---minor things. I took care of them.
Cleaned the house, did laundry, stocked up on food.

Already won one bet on when I'd go into labor (friend said Friday night; she owes me a glass of wine). Hoping to LOSE the second bet (by Wednesday night).

Saturday night was interesting. Contractions started in the evening. Irregular and mild. Then regular, and stronger. q10 minutes. q7minutes, q5 minutes. Starting to really hurt, I had to really breathe through them and push on the wall. Then got a little less intense. I laid down. q5 minutes. q7 minutes. oh 10 minutes since the last one.

Woke up 2 hours later, nothing! didn't feel baby moving so freaked and called the doctor on call who, upon hearing the beginning of the story, and knowing from my chart that I was 3-4 cm last week, thought I was going to end in---OK I'm coming in. When I told her the contractions stopped she seemed surprised, but told me to go to bed, and hopefully I'd wake up in labor. Then when I told her about the lack of movement, told me to stay awake and do kick counts. I did. He "kicked" (there is no room to kick, its just a bunch of squirming now. I've got to think this kid is as uncomfortable as I am by now, you can literally see all the parts poking out of my belly).Went back to sleep.

As you can expect, still nothing. Up all night last night, just uncomfortable & impatient.  I am at work. Walked in the whole way, which I haven't done in a while....walked as fast as I could. Nothing. Sigh.

As I was walking, I was thinking to myself "Ugh. Nothiing's worse than having to come into work after your due date". And then immediately realized what an a**h*le I am. Nothing's worse than THIS? Having a seemingly healthy baby squirming around for a few more days in my uterus? The ability to walk briskly through a sunny crisp morning to get ahead on some work that is going to be incredibly helpful come December? A few more days to focus on my toddler, and spend with my parents. Maybe another date night with the husband. Hopefully a good night's sleep.

I know there are worse things than this. Much worse. I won't even mention them because we all know. I've been flitting through the ALI (adoption/loss/infertility) blog community a lot recently and I've read about some real heartbreak.

At the worst, my situation is a minor annoyance. At the best, its a reprieve. Some bonus days to savor my current life, and maybe even get ahead.

Perspective is good.

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  1. At least the weather has cooled off, and you get to percolate in cool fall weather rather than in sweltering summer. Maybe you'll even go into labor tonight!

    Thanks for your comments on my last few (histrionic) posts. I really am feeling better, though, and your advice helps a lot. I swear I'm not always so wound up.... or maybe I am, it's just about less emotional topics than this.

    BTW -- The housecleaner I mentioned is Maria Hernandez, and her # is 215-954-2580.