Friday, March 2, 2012


After several months in our new lab building, I finally figured out the back entrance, which saves me some time getting to and from the lab. The back way requires walking through a patient care area and a waiting room. For radiation oncology. No matter how early or late I come and go, the waiting room is always packed. Every single morning and evening, as I rush through planning the work day or the evening ahead, my mind is stopped in its tracks by this sight. Because all these people, young & old, together or alone, here for themselves or for a loved one...all these people were once rushing to their own jobs or home to their own families, with nothing on their minds other than a to-do list, a dinner recipe, or what movie to watch after dinner. Every day I am jolted into the realization that nothing is permanent and that the drudgery and hustle-bustle of ordinary life is an incredible blessing.

I could walk around to the front of the building and spare myself the emotional pang, but I don't. I like the reminder.


  1. Lovely. I have a similar experience as part of my daily walk to my office, as it takes me through an outdoor area where people come out to smoke (although of course they're not supposed to). Particularly when I go by really early in the morning and see all these people who have been up all night worrying about someone. Everyone looks tired and stressed and sad all the time, and it's just as you say--a reminder of how easy and pleasant whatever I've got to face that day really is.

  2. So very true. Here from the roundup. Thanks for the reminder.