Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Off my game...

A lot goes on behind the scenes of our lives these days. Keeping this operation afloat requires both myself & G to be working at 100% capacity.  He tends to be the muscle, while I'm the brains (only because I enjoy & excel at planning, list-making & remembering minutiae). When I'm down for whatever reason, he can make up the slack as long as I am capable of reminding him of the details. For ages I packed for him so as not to repeat the forgot-glasses-on-beach-trip and long-weekend-with-one-shirt debacles, now I just help him make a list. I like lists. These days, I need lists, or my tired fuzzy mind gets overwhelmed.

Well, Friday I woke up sick. Fever/bronchitis/asthma/etc... It was pretty bad. I made it through work and entertained G's cousin & her boyfriend who were in town for the weekend & came by for dinner. Then I collapsed in bed, completely ignoring the fact that we were supposed to leave at 9AM to go visit my sister for my niece & nephew's birthday party. Woke up, even sicker, and decided to pack (she lives 3 hours away so we were staying the night) sans list. Threw things for myself & the boys into a suitcase. Its only one night! Easy peasy!

B got carsick. Twice. I only brought one outfit for him. Yup. I only brought diapers for him, no pull-ups, which he generally wears during the day. Also I forgot my PJs. And socks for B for the next day. Thankfully we were at my sister's so we could borrow everything once we got there, but B had to sit in dirty clothes for 2 hours in the car. Once we got back, I forgot to give the dog her special medicinal bath (she has a skin thing, the vet fleeced us out of $250 last week for 2 weeks of antibiotics & antifungal bath soap).  I told G I could stay home today for the roofers,  then realized I had a meeting and an experimental procedure I had to be at work for, so he had to come home after walking all the way over.

Physically, I'm feeling better, but mentally, still off my game. I hope it doesn't last much longer...


  1. HA! So sorry to hear about how sick you've been, but I didn't have this excuse, and this sounds a bit like our recent trip. We had a good packing list for Bun Bun, but I thought for sure I could throw my stuff in the suitcase at the last minute. I forgot a number of handy items, including UNDERWEAR. Also glad it was a short trip. Hope you recover soon...

  2. I am also pathologically dependent on lists. In fact, living around me means finding random scraps of list-containing paper everywhere.

    I'm sorry about the trip. This is probably the reason that I have had pretty much zero ambition to stray to far from the homestead these past 3 years.

    1. We've actually traveled a LOT with B...always fanatically over-prepared. I think this being such a short quick trip made me let my guard down...

  3. Sorry you've been sick. I think something's going around and I'm just waiting to catch it myself.

    I would not be able to survive without lists. But you know the best part about them? You get to cross stuff off. That is sometimes the most satisfying thing I do all day.

    Feel better soon!