Sunday, September 23, 2012

On-call etc...

Another call weekend. These seem to get tougher over time instead of easier, probably because both boys are sick this weekend (and consequently, L is sleeping poorly). I've got to admit its likely tougher on G, dealing solo with both boys all day (I didn't get home until 4 yesterday, today it is 1pm and I'm eating lunch while the fellow gathers information on a couple of new consults, so I'll be here at least another hour).

We are required to start rounds at 7:45 AM because the residents have to go home; in the past, we started at 9, and it was SO MUCH BETTER. You'd think we get out earlier by starting earlier but that has not proven to be the case. Sit down rounds with post-call & on-call resident take about an hour, and then the fellow and I round on the inpatient team, see follow-up consults, and then tackle new consults. So one extra hour to our day from addition of sit-down rounds, and then extra time for overall greater volume of inpatients and of new consults due to asinine protocols for checking labs you have no idea how to a) order correctly and b) interpret.

If you're still reading, btw, thanks again for the great advice and support on my "falling behind" issues. I liked the idea of picking one thing to add back and making it happen. Problem: I can't decide what to pick ;) I feel like I SHOULD say "exercise", but, you know, urgh.

The other major problem is a profound lack of motivation. I've read a lot lately that one may have a finite supply of willpower or decision-making capacity. I think I use all mine up (and then some) trying not to lose my ever-loving sh&t at my suddenly completely insane 2.5 year old. Thus, the well is generally dry by 9 am. So...yeah. I guess its good I start so early on call days so I can avoid all that nonsense and save my willpower for dealing with difficult patients.


  1. Addendum to previous suggestion of pick one thing:


    I'm sorry B is being a little terror, and I really do hope it gets better soon. BOO to being sick on this gorgeous weekend. I hope when you get home you get to go outside and enjoy it for at least a little while.

  2. Sounds totally overwhelming and exhausting. I can't imagine doing anything that requires intellectual power at that time of day after dealing with sick kids. I've heard exercise makes you have more energy or something? Never experienced this for myself, but I guess it might be the sensible choice.