Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Four years ago, on an unseasonably warm November Tuesday, G & I walked over bright and early to the polling place near our apartment and quickly and easily cast our vote for hope and change. Today, it was bitter cold. Voting was less quick and certainly less easy as we brought both boys with us, one of whom heard "voting" and "president" as "boating" and "presents" and was sorely disappointed in the experience. Our hope is a bit bruised and battered and change, we've learned, comes quite slowly. But we cast our votes and now we continue to wait. Anxiously.

I've shied away from posting anything political on this blog because I haven't been able to write anything even-handed. I've got many half-written rants in my "Drafts" but really, what's the point? If anyone reading agrees with me, I'm not saying anything new. If they don't, well, I'm unlikely to change their minds.

When B finally got the vague sense of what were doing, that there were two men running for president and we picked one, he predictably asked "why?". I gave him a quick age-appropriate answer, but realized I've never actually articulated the reasons behind my vote.

So here are a few reasons, briefly stated (and heavily edited to remove most rage and rantiness).

 I believe...
  • that the measure of a society is how it treats its weakest citizens...not its strongest.
  • in equal rights for all, straight or gay, rich or poor, male or female...
  • that basic healthcare is a right for all humans, including reproductive healthcare for women. 
  • in science. and the teaching of it to our children, and the use of it to improve our health.  
  • and finally, that the most critical aspect of our leaders is character and integrity. Yes, policies about specific issues are important, but life is full of the unexpected. We may know how a candidate will deal with A and B, but what about the X, Y, Z we never anticipated? I want someone honest, compassionate, and fair in charge.
 Back to waiting. I'll remember this day as B and L's first presidential election. B even got to push the "VOTE" button for me as we made our choice in support of our President.


  1. I won't delve into the politics, but my 3-year-old also thought we were going to go "boat." And yes, if you were expecting "presents" you'd be sorely disappointed!

  2. Haha, I love this - "Voting was less quick and certainly less easy as we brought both boys with us, one of whom heard "voting" and "president" as "boating" and "presents" and was sorely disappointed in the experience."

    I love the idea of bringing kids to watch you vote, but we do vote by mail because it's MUCh easier than waiting in line. And we can sit down with a glass of wine, the Internet (for research) and just fill out the ballot at our leisure. But it's not as exciting as going to an actual polling place :)

  3. That was just too funny. Ah, the things to look forward to when Dyls becomes a toddler.


    I didn't bring Dylan with me to vote, in part because I didn't want her to get snot all over the voting machine! Oh yes, another week, another URI. Plus, she's really too little to understand. Maybe next time around.

  4. It wasn't so much we wanted to "teach" our boys anything by bringing them with, they are much too young, it just logistically was the quickest way to get it done.

  5. Love this post. I brought my two to the both this morning, too.

    And you articulate exactly what I've been thinking: that the success of our economy (and our nation) rests on the way we treat each other, with respect and dignity. Without that basic civility, and without equal rights, we flounder.

    If Hurricane Sandy has taught us nothing else, I hope we have learned the importance of community, writ large.

  6. Item four sure brought tears to my eyes, because it is something very dear to me as well, and because, OMG, how can it be that it's even on the table?

  7. My two year old daughter waited for a long, long time with me years ago before erupting into tears when she realized we were not in fact going on my father's boat. So, I am familiar with that particular disappointment. I love what you write about your beliefs. I share them. xox

  8. I have a feeling a lot of people couldn't clearly articulate why they vote as they do. It's good that you can and that you did to your son. Like Lindsey, I share your beliefs.