Monday, June 3, 2013

Not second fiddle

Oh poor neglected L, who barely gets mentioned on this blog! My baby L is pretty close to not being a baby anymore. He is a force to be reckoned with, just so full to overflowing of excitement and dare-devilry. I see pictures of how ridiculously tiny he was, too, and marvel---he's gone from below the 5th percentile in all parameters (and wearing 6 month old clothes until he turned one), to the 25th percentile and is in 24 month clothes already---has he mastered photosynthesis? He doesn't eat.

His words still sound mostly like animal noises, but the family can make out his "uck" (hug), "eye-sher-eeee" (ice cream), and "idonwany" (i don't want it).  Everything is "MINE!" from food to toys to people he wants to hug and strangle and grab and pinch. This leads to some...uncomfortable...experiences at the playground, when he grabbed a lollipop out of a tween's mouth and the next day grabbed a little girl's face, repeatedly, as she looked on terrified.

He is also fast as lightening. I've had to chase him, full-on sprinting, many a time when he head for the street from the middle of the park. We've had several glasses break when he decided to climb ON the dining table and jump around, and yesterday I panicked when I realized he'd climbed from the first to the THIRD floor, and turned the water on full-blast in the tub.

Really I am reveling in just how uncomplicated he is at this age. Sure, he gets clingy (he was in a moMMEEE, moMMEEE phase this weekend where only mommy, apparently, would do), but even that is admittedly a bit heart-warming. He needs (in this order): cuddles, freedom, water, cars to play with, naps, and occasional food. He also loves his brother, to the point of literally smothering him when he wakes each morning and lighting up like the sun when B acknowledges him in any way. 

Mostly he is happy---jumping up & down shrieking and clapping hands, so freaking happy, I wish I could bottle it and save it for the cranky years that are certainly coming.

I remember finding this phase exhausting with B. He's a different kid---was precociously verbal and thus was more complicated at an earlier age, but mostly I think it was because I was heavily pregnant with L when B reached 1 1/2. Honestly that time was a blur of exhaustion and stress.

I'm glad I'm enjoying it this time...the last time.

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  1. I love a child who loves cuddles first! And is HAPPY! He sounds soooo wonderful--I feel like I can feel his joy from here.