Friday, December 13, 2013

Sunshine and Snow

Thanks to Esperanza for the Sunshine Award. I'm not going to tag anyone and can't figure out the icon business, but I'll answer the questions since they are short & sweet!

1. Favorite word that isn’t really a word? Can I say its a secret? I have a term I call my boys that is absolutely nonsense but is used to mean "sweetie". 
2. Batman or Superman? The movies? Batman. Marriage material? Superman.
3. Best body part? Legs. I am very happy about my legs.
4. Greatest personal achievement? Residency
5. Diet or regular (or water)? Water

6. Yoga or running (or couch)? Running. Tried yoga, not for me. I actually feel more relaxed running.
7. Favorite store? Amazon
8. Bedtime routine? For myself I assume? Brush teeth, change clothes, get into bed and read for anywhere between 10-60 minutes
9. Favorite social media site? Facebook, the only social media site I'm on.
10. Biggest vice? Wasting time on the internet. Huge huge huge problem I really don't know how to address.

We had plans for this weekend to take the kids to some winter/holiday event and then go to G's boss's house for a holiday party. Both things are canceled due to chance of snow. We are instead having brunch with friends that live in the neighborhood and taking advantage of the sitter coming to go to dinner in the neighborhood. 

I'm a bit overwhelmed right now, trying to wrap up work and get stuff ready for our long trip to visit MIL. Hopefully some nice social time and a dinner out will help. 


  1. Residency is a pretty big achievement. I just shake my head, watching our poor ICU residents- up for 36 hours at a time, running their tails off- and I'm eternally grateful i didn't go that route. I'll take my 12 hour shifts any day of the week!

  2. Love the list.. mine is very similar.

    FYI, Blogger is also a social media site... ;-)

  3. Oh Amazon. I have a love-hate relationship with that place right now. It is so convenient that I buy everything from there. Then I worry about world domination.

  4. just thinking about you and hoping everything is good!

  5. I'm excited that you guys got to have a sitter and escape! And that you like your legs--I envy you there.