Tuesday, November 18, 2014


At least 3 people have asked me recently if life has gotten easier as my kids are growing up. I initially answer a resounding "YES", but then feel the need to temper the enthusiasm with "but its still not easy, of course!"

B will be five in about 5 weeks. Over the past few months he's gotten infinitely more self-sufficient. He finally is out of pull-ups at night and hasn't had a single accident since late September. He can, and does, dress himself completely (including those pesky shirts he always had trouble getting over his head) and brushes his teeth by himself (though he still likes me to do it sometimes). He knows when he has to use the bathroom and takes himself there, not requiring frequent reminders or even forcing as he did not even a few months ago. He even started trying to clean himself up (this is HUGE, right?) He can get on his shoes and boots by himself and can don and ZIPPER his coat. When he's hungry, he eats, and understands what foods are healthy vs. treats and can monitor himself pretty well on that. He can tell us when he's feeling sick, and describe what's going on. He knows that when he's sick, he needs to nap and go to bed early, and does it without complaint. When he feels the need to throw up, he gets himself to the toilet. He can walk a mile or more at a good pace, and can go the 2.2 miles to school on his scooter at a brisk/too fast pace. He can order for himself at a restaurant, carries on conversations with his hair dresser, and can generally ask for what he needs from his teachers or other adults. He has also become way more social, and will fly off with his friends at a birthday party or the park without a backwards glance.

Of course, these are all little things, but its those little things that make getting out of the house or getting to bed just that bit easier.

B also still has tantrums about the silliest things. He hits & fights with his little brother constantly. He wants everything L has, and had tantrums and sulked for hours on L's birthday when he saw that L got gifts and he didn't. He is always distracted, so while he CAN get dressed by himself, many times we head upstairs to check on him after he's been gone for 5 minutes and he's lost in some game or song or daydream with his shirt half over his head.

L is just three, he needs hands-on help with pretty much everything, still wakes at night and comes upstairs most nights, pees through his pullup most nights requiring clothes/bed change, sucks his thumb constantly, subsists mostly on fruit, sugar and white carbohydrates, and can walk about 10 steps before "carry you!" begins. He usually starts most fights with B and goes straight for the face/hair pulling. He has gotten in trouble at daycare more than once for hitting, throwing toys or the like. At home, he refuses to clean up, despite threats of throwing toys away, time out, etc... He has daily potty accidents because he just won't stop what he's doing and/or is being stubborn about NOT NEEDING TO GO (as he goes, in his pants).

He is, however, now capable of entertaining himself for up to 15 minutes at a time, without needing me to be within 2 feet of him. This is also pretty helpful for trying to get stuff done around the house.

So yes, things get easier. But we haven't gotten to "easy" yet...does that even exist?


  1. We didn't even think about having a second until dc1 was 5-- I didn't think I'd be able to handle another until that age! 6 was wonderful. 7 has had some new challenges.

  2. I'm impressed with all that B can do for himself! Monkey still does not dress himself. I know he can, but he's so distractible, the only way it would ever get done would be if I stand there and micromanage: "take off your pj top. Put it in the hamper. Now put your shirt on. Stop playing." He's good at other stuff, though. Five was my favorite age so far.

  3. We are at 7, 5, and 3 and I'd say a lot of things have become easier. The biggest thing is not having to constantly be with the little one. This makes it possible to relax at home while the kids are there, which makes evenings/weekends much more pleasant than when they required constant physical attention. All is not easy, of course, but easier. Just in time to plunge back into the baby stage...

  4. I'm not gong to hold my breath for easy :) Actually I have been rather surprised that C is the easier kid currently. I think that WILL change when he is mobile and more willful but right now he takes very little effort. I even find myself considering the possibility of 3 even though from a practical standpoint it's probably a poor idea.

    I am looking forward to the 'not having to hover' as much stage. Definitely there with A and it's nice to just go to a playground and let her run around.

  5. When things start to get "easy" for me, I find myself thinking about other activities I can add back into my life. A little bit of research? Another kid? Home improvement projects? I don't think I'd be happy with "easy." Plus, what would I have to complain about? ;-)