Thursday, September 17, 2015


Dropped B off for his first day of KG this morning. I was shockingly near tears, as was G. He's gone to daycare every day for over 5 years, but this was different. They just---followed the teacher in all of a sudden and we didn't really get a goodbye. He's been so excited about for weeks now. All the teary parents were taken to the library for coffee and pastries and reassuring words from the administration. I know its going to be good but I'm worried about how he's adjusting. I initially thought I'd pick him up at dismissal but I also want to see how aftercare goes (see below) and we only have a few days this month, so I think I'll let him go and pick him up early-ish from there.  Poor L wanted to go to KG too and was being grumpy too.

Two of the moms I met at drop-off had negative reviews on the aftercare place I had chosen based on reviews by two other moms I met earlier in the year. It was about the director and how the place is run (slipshod). We'll see how it goes. Its not set in stone and we can always move him. They also recently expanded/moved so the overall director may not be the one in charge day-to-day of our location.
We're still trying to make use of some of our evenings while we still have light. I'll miss our city adventures when we have to start heading straight home because its dark & freezing. I need some ideas for things we can do at home that are not: dinner/nagging or chores.

So excited about seeing some really good friends next week. There is a crazy event happening in our city and everything is being shut down (including schools and even clinic) for several days so we decided to go visit my family. G & I are taking a road trip to visit a few friends in the middle, since 7 days in our small town with my parents & kids is really boring. On past visits I basically spent hours on end playing iphone games & internetting, so this will be an improvement.

Work. Ugh. Deadline coming up & can't concentrate. It will get done, it always does, right?

I'm going strong on my no-booze-at-home weekdays pact. its been about 6 weeks now! I don't even feel like a glass of wine. It helps that I've been really tired and just want to go to bed after I get the kids down (and they aren't down until 9ish).

I'm obsessed with the BuyNothing group on facebook. I've given a ton of stuff to someone that WANTS it (mostly kid stuff) and gotten some useful stuff, too (a box fan, kids books, pots for plants, colored pens for making lists/planning, an unopened brand new moisturizer, cleaning products). this involves making a post with a picture and then doing a little messaging to set up a pick up with the person who responds. The group is supposed to be "hyper-local" so its restricted to our immediate 'hood which makes the exchange easy to set up and is supposed to facilitate meeting & getting to know your neighbors. I actually met a couple that we are trying to get together with this weekend.

I also made $110 this week selling used baby stuff, and have a few more things up for grabs. If its in great condition and a big item, I just post it on the local moms group and see if I get hits. Most things sell quickly. I take any offer. You just write a post, no pictures necessary, so its easy. This money goes back into "kids, misc" category in our budget.

L has changed a LOT lately. His language has completely exploded but he still says some things adorably wrong. Like "gumbrella" or "for a lot of times" to mean "for a long time". He still uses "yesterday" to mean any time in the near or distant past and "tomorrow" to mean any time in the future. "Girl" is pronounced "guh-lurl". We saw our neighbor the other day and he just talked up a storm throwing out his entire life story "I get pizza and movie day at school on Fridays and my favorite movie is Lego Movie, no Toy Story, no Lion King, and I do swimming again on Saturday but last Saturday daddy brought B's swimming suit and it was too big and my birfday is OCTOBER FIFTH but its Monday so we are celebrating on Saturday or Sunday if it rains".

We've planned L's party and already got stuff together. for once, we are ON IT. Superhero party at the park. I got capes from Etsy for each kid. This part was pricey, I got $120 worth of capes ($6 a pop) but a much better favor than cheap dollar store crap. G designed these awesome invites (cartoon L in a batman cape with his signature lumpy socks & gray shoes) & had them printed & cut them himself. Gave them out today. We got rings to put on cupcakes we'll get from a grocery store, and pick up pizzas. Yay! I wish both boys had warm(ish) weather birthdays so we could just do this for every party.

Nine months into my clothes/shoes shopping ban, I am actually wanting to buy something new. I really want these boots for winter---they would transition from outdoor to indoor instead of wearing my ugly snow boots & having to bring nicer shoes for work:

I also suddenly need new sports bras (I feel bouncy when I run/jump) and have needed regular bras for years.  My drawer has a mishmash of bras 5-15 years old in sizes 32A (actually just threw these out, from med school marathon running days) to 36E (pregnancy). I assume my current size is somewhere in between (34B or C?) and only have a few left in this size.

I don't know where to get sports bras. The ones I have right now are random brands from Target that worked perfectly for about 3 years and now feel stretched out. I bought a new one from Old Navy that just isn't as supportive as I need.

I also would love some cute tops for weekend-wear. I've got tons of work-appropriate stuff & a few hang out at home tops but not much that is fun/cute for dates or outings. 

What's going on with you guys? If you are average in the chest area & run/work-out, where have you gotten the best value (best quality for the price) sports bras?


  1. Moving Comfort sports bras are amazing - they're about double the cost of what you'll get at Target or the like, sure, but for the quality, it's completely worth it. I've had some for a few years now and they still hold their shape, aren't stretched or worn, etc. My favorite is the Maia.

    1. You're the second person to suggest this brand. I think I'll go for it. I found the Fiona ones on Zappos for a decent price, in cute colors. I think the adjustable straps are a wonderful idea, so you can at least tighten those if they start to stretch out vs. all the other sports bras I've ever owned

  2. I have a Wonderbra sports bra that I like. I bought it on sale at some large department store.

    1. thanks! I had no idea that brand still existed or made sports bras...

  3. I have those boots in black. They are amazing. Buy them.

  4. In the past year I have had two close friends and a sister politely hint that my post second-baby bras are not supportive enough. I'm not really sure what to do about that since in two of the cases I was wearing relatively new ones!

    I hope I don't embarrass #2 too much with my droopy cleavage at her wedding... (But first! Another business trip! I got spoiled by not traveling last week.)

    1. Just get a new bra! No need for droopy cleavage!!

    2. oh and you probably have the wrong size if they are new. go to a store (while you are on business trip?), get fitted, and buy a couple.

    3. This would normally be a great place to buy something but there's no non-conference non-airport non-sleepytime time. I've been doing a lot of one-day one-night trips lately.

      I suspect it's not the cup or chest, but the shoulder loops needing tightening.