Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Frivolity

So I was going to do this whole post about my recent shopping haul, with pictures and links. And I realized my pictures looked TERRIBLE and editing them takes time & not everything has easy to find links. anyways, I've lowered my standards considerably: this is what I bought in bullets with links where easily accessible.
  • Express mid-rise dark wash flare jeans  The flare is pretty pronounced, but since I'm hemming 4 inches off the bottom, it'll be a more subtle look for me. These fit perfectly and make my butt look great and my thighs look quite slim. G just keeps saying "so you say they are coming back in style? huh" in a very skeptical way when I ask what he thinks.
  • Express Barely Boot columnist pants in red/black check and dark grey. The grey came in short, so I've worn them a ton already. The checked are being hemmed 3 inches.
  • Express portofino shirts in slim-fit kelly green and original fit in a black/blue/white plaid I don't see online. 
  • Express plaid v-neck blouse
  • Ann Taylor striped shirt with lace shoulder (clearance, bought in store, not available online)
  • Ann Taylor cream (off-white?) lace shirt sort of like this
  • Banana Republic black sheer blouse 
  • Uggs Brooks Tall boots in brown which actually are two-toned black & brown and that almost caused me to return them until I tried them on and had to make myself take them off on a chilly evening at home. So comfy and warm, like wearing your fuzzy slippers! Waiting for a cold day to wear them out.
  • 3 nude bras in proper size (2 Wacoal and 1 Natori) 1 from fancy bra shop that did the fitting and 2 (for less than the price of the one) from Nordstrom Rack.  
  • a graphic tee from mod-cloth (using up store credit I already had), for lounging around. 
I returned/need to return at least twice as much as I kept, including 2 pairs of jeans, 4 shirts, 2 OTHER graphic tees, a midi skirt (with POCKETS!) that I like but not worth the $ and 2 pairs of superga sneaks in different sizes & different shades of light green. The supergas are comfy and I LOVE the look, but decided to go for a more neutral color...and to wait until spring to see if I still want these once boot-weather is over.

I'm actually happy with how I shopped. As usual, I used sales and got 40-50% a lot of items (not the jeans, sadly, they had buy one get one half of but I really don't need two pairs) and I used up a giftcard for BR and store credit at ModCloth. But what was new is that I was RUTHLESS in deciding what to keep and only items that fit perfectly, worked with what I already owned, and filled a real need in my closet were kept. I also have already worn most of these things---a problem I had in the past was "saving" things and ultimately forgetting about them in a box under the bed. Cost per wear is better the more you wear!

Now I'm eyeing these in either the navy corduroy or the black suede (I already have taupe suede booties).

And I still need sports bras.

Happy weekend!


  1. What a fun post!! I love that you reminded me that Express is out there. I haven't shopped there since I was a teenager but your post gives me hope that adults can find clothes there!

    1. The store is so set up for a 20-something wanting to go clubbing, but their work-wear is SO GOOD. Their pants are the only ones I've found that really fit & look good, same with jeans---just work for my build (I can't wear most gap/banana pants they are saggy/baggy)

  2. 1) I have those TOMS desert wedges in taupe. I don't wear them a ton. They are comfortable but not as comfortable as the campers that i gravitate towards all the time plus it is sandal weather all year round here.
    2) I really like those pants, the "barely boot". Will have to try on at some point.

    Fun post, agree :)

    1. everything 50% off at Express today, if you want to try them!