Friday, February 12, 2016

Rebel Yell

(or not quite yell, but maybe exclaim in a somewhat-louder-than-usual voice?)

Sarah's post about that "meh" feeling got me thinking. I definitely have those periods of time when there is nothing objectively wrong, and I'm actually being productive & on top of things, and all feels like a slog.

As I wrote in my comment, there are a few ways that work for me to break out of that rut.

1) Schedule something that is actually FUN. Not "fun" like most kid-related activities, or "fun" like cooking or exercise or something that you do enjoy but is also part of your to-do list...but something you do for no other reason than to enjoy yourself. Like an outing with friends or a date night or an afternoon getting a pedicure and shopping, or whatever you can manage. Even the act of planning the fun, and looking forward to it, lifts my mood when I'm in the blahs.

2) Look for the bright spots. The little but wonderful things that happen in every day. Even the blah-est days usually have SOMETHING. A lovely sunset, a great cup of coffee, a cute moment with your kid, the way your dog shakes her butt with excitement when you get home and it makes you laugh...try to NOTICE and SAVOR those things. Knowing I need 3 to write down each evening leads me to search for and revel in those little things. I know I'm more aware of them when I'm keeping with the writing practice.

3) Rebel. I notice the "meh" a lot when I'm being really "good", which for me usually means a lot of self-denial. Not snacking on carbs, not drinking wine, not spending money, not watching TV, not not not not not. It feels great to be so virtuous! Until it doesn't and I just want to fuck it all and eat & drink & do whatever the hell I want to do. So I do...and its amazing! Its so liberating to shake away all the rules! Its all the more glorious when I haven't indulged in a while, too! And the next day I wake up and go back to it all, and I'm good again...until the next time.

On that note, I'm going to go finish up the day so I can head home for some delicious delicious rebellion.

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