Friday, March 4, 2016

Go To Sleep Nuslee...and other randomness

Is what B wrote as his "promise" to me this morning because I gave him a second chance and let him have his pretzel money (don't ask) even though I told him last night that he lost it. It was his idea to write it down, where did he learn that? We are having ISSUES with B going to bed at night lately. He works himself up into a frenzy, groaning & grunting and thrashing around, coming out every few minutes, moaning that he's NOT TIRED and CAN"T SLEEP and is SO ANGRY and its SO BORING and he HATES EVERYTHING. Its particularly frustrating since the boys share a room and so in between B coming out, L comes out to pathetically tell us that "B is being noisy and I can't sleep". Last night I told him he had to learn to let go of his anger or it'll lead him to the dark side. I actually think that helped reach some rational part of his brain?

Its possible that he's not tired at 8pm, but I doubt it, since he has trouble getting up at 7:30 in the morning.

I'm going to have to resort to bribes. They WORK.

I have a major case of the WANTS these days. Impending spring and the promise of cute spring dresses & floaty tops & strappy shoes have turned my head.  This happens periodically, I just have to stand firm and remember that summer is coming (vacation, camp fees, etc...) I do legit need a new swim suit, or at least a new top that I'm not spilling completely out of (I have black bottoms that fit great and can mix & match with any top). And I do need a new casual summer dress, my Boden one from 2 summers ago shrunk (or that's what I'm letting myself believe---it did get shorter so it may actually be true) and the Loft one from 3 summers ago is faded and worn (I wear the hell out these dresses).

 I just spent a good chunk on an unlimited month to a barre studio ($99). If I go at least 6 times, its cheaper than a 5-class pass. Ideally I'll go 8 times. I've been thinking about doing this for over a year and never bit the bullet because of the $. But I'm just not feeling frugal these days, so what the hell.
I went running yesterday for the first time in MONTHS. I have gotten faster! Just building up my strength and overall fitness has paid off. I was exhausted and starving yesterday, even though I only ran 3.5-4 miles. And my legs are sore in the best way today. I guess its a good idea to mix up the workouts every once in a while to keep progressing. But yes, pure cardio increases my appetite something fierce---I don't feel that with strength training or even the HIIT workouts.
OMFG we are nearing the end of Breaking Bad and the past few episodes have been INTENSE. Two episodes left, that we'll probably watch tonight. Next up are the last episodes of Mad Men and season 4 of House of Cards. We watch about 4-6 hours of TV a week (one show/night 3-4 nights a week and maybe two shows on a weekend), which seems like a lot for me. I can't believe that the average American watches significantly more than that, where does the time come from?*. I'm in the middle of The Red Tent for a neighborhood book club I just joined. I think its supposed to get depressing, but hasn't yet. The camaraderie and shared work of the sister wives sounds pretty awesome to me at this stage in life. Is that weird?

Hopefully will be able to put together some more coherent and structured posts next week. I have a long & growing list of topics but no energy to put them to "paper"

*wow, I just looked it up and the average is five hours PER DAY. That's nearly a full time job. The only time I watched that much was the one summer when I was 13 and my mom went to work and left me & my sister at home with no neighborhood friends or means of transportation. we had a full day schedule of shows to watch, interspersed with Nintendo. ugh.


  1. I loved the red tent! Jealous of your workouts. I've gained 4 lbs since July courtesy of the pacu chocolate. :-(

  2. Barre!!! Yay! Which company? I've never tried anything other than flybarre and barre3 online. Have always wanted to try pure barre but it's far!

    1. its a local place, not a chain. They have barre & yoga at the studio. My hips are KILLING me today after going to the barre class yesterday morning. I wonder if I was doing something wrong?

  3. So random, but I just moved to Jinan, China and joined a gym here... and they have Les Mills workouts! I thought it sounded familiar, then realized it was from your workout routine post. The couple classes I have been to so far have been really fun and a great workout. Hopefully they will help my running also!

  4. I love barre! My gym offers it, and I look forward to getting back to it when my gym membership hold is over (two weeks!). It's a great compliment to my ballet class.

    Breaking Bad is most definitely my favourite show of all time- and I do remember the end of that last season being really intense!

    Our TV is often on because we like the background noise, but we typically sit down and watch about 5-6 hours per week. I can't imagine finding the time to watch that much EACH DAY. Where do people find the time?