Wednesday, June 1, 2016


After weeks of cool, rainy, dreary weather, we had a sudden heat wave last week. It went from gray and 50 degrees to sunny and 90 degrees seemingly overnight. The sun was so bright, and the heat so intense, it felt like everything was hazy & shimmering before my eyes.

Or maybe that was all the white wine I consumed?

Birthday week was as lovely as I could've imagined it. I took my actual birthday off, and spent the day wandering around town, shopping (FINALLY found a bathing suit), lunching & toasting with a best friend. We had a family dinner out, complete with guacamole & margaritas.  I did go to work Friday, but met some more friends for good wine, food, and conversations afterwards. I took the boys on weekend adventures, involving ice cream & water play. G and I had a date night and ate an amazing meal.

Turning 40 was pretty awesome. I recommend it.

There may be 3 more weeks until school ends and our family vacation begins, but summer feels like its already here. There is a watermelon sitting on the kitchen counter, and water guns strewn about in the backyard. The smell of sunscreen, the feel of heat on bare legs, the soothing hum of the air conditioner lulling me to sleep at night....I forgot how much I love this time. I need to remember to savor it, because it always goes so fast. 


  1. Sounds lovely! Happy birthday Ana! I also liked 40 (not so much 42!)

  2. YAY for white wine! And SUMMER. And birthdays. HAPPY 40!!!

    PS: i like the bathing suit!

  3. Beautiful! Happy birthday ... may 40 be full of days like these! :)

  4. Yay!! So glad you had a nice birthday celebration. Warm weather like this always cheers me up too.

  5. Happy belated Birthday! I found 40 - every age that started with the number "4' in front - to be fabulous! I'll be back to visit!

  6. Happy birthday! Glad you had a great birthday week.