Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Itchy and Scratchy Show

They fight and fight and fight and fight and fight...


You get it.

Seriously the boys are in a phase of wanting to be together constantly but then annoying each other, ultimately leading to physical violence and tears and shouting and MOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!

We try to keep them apart but they just gravitate back together. L is like a mosquito, he follows B around and irks and pesters until B lashes out. And B is bigger & stronger. And L is a drama queen.

When they aren't fighting, they are egging each other on to annoy US in inventive and ever-more-irritating ways. Again, L is the mischief-maker, trying to get rule-follower B to go along with his nonsense. Which he does, because he is seven and full of energy and that little-kid-wildness. 

One on one, they are fun, but together they are truly a PITA these days. I am a little worried about leaving G alone for 4 days, I'm leaving Friday straight after AM clinic to visit friends, and won't be back until right after bedtime Monday (I am so excited, I can't wait!). I advised him to go against his instinct and make lots of plans, so they aren't at home too much.

In other news, I am really into bingeing podcasts. I like starting at the very very beginning and listening to every single episode in order. I just finished both Happier, and Happier in Hollywood, and I'm sad, because I loved them both. I know I can listen to a new episode each week, but that style of listening doesn't appeal to me, so I think I'll wait for a whole bunch to pile up and binge again. I'm now on "Note to Self" which is quite good so far. Any podcast recommendations for similar styles?

Also, we are planning on winter break trip. We booked flights already but need to figure out what we are going to do. Anyone live in/near or traveled to San Diego in December and have thoughts for us? (don't tell me any stories about horrible rain, I realized the whole "rainy season" thing AFTER I booked the flights). It'll be the 4 of us (boys 6 and 8 at the time) and my MIL and we will have 5 full days (not counting the 2 travel days). We are doing 2 days at Legoland, but not sure about the other 3 days.


  1. Your kids sound exactly like my kids. They are driving me f*cking crazy right now.

    As for San Diego, who told you they have a rainy season? Seriously, the weather there is gorgeous all year. I wouldn't worry too much about rain. (They might have gotten some - which for them feels like A LOT - last year but that was a crazy rainy winter in Cali. I'm sure this December it will be fine).

    Maybe I can sneak down there and we can meet up. (Raising my eyebrows and laughing fiendishly. ;)

  2. Longest Shortest Time podcast, Strangers with Lea Thau, Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell, Death Sex and Money. All of them have long archives too...

  3. Spawned podcast . Girl Next Door podcast (nothing earth shattering but light and interesting thoughts on raising youngish kids in suburbia). Pop Culture Happy Hour - not really bingeable b/c it has to do with what's out at any given time, but it's good! Also, since I know you are into finding new music - All Songs Considered!!