Thursday, January 11, 2018

Snails pace

This week! My god! Why so slow?! Maybe because its the first 5 day week in a while AND I'm on call AND my MIL is here AND AND AND

Good things that have happened:
  • 3 workouts, including my first day back to my beloved dark-o-clock 30 minute HIIT class. I was so deliciously sore the next day! I'm planning my foray back into bodypump strength training tomorrow AM and trying some new classes our gym is offering this weekend
  • I'm at 80% of Strange & Norrell. Its gotten more interesting, but not sure its going to pay off in the end. I'm hoping to finish before the weekend.
  • Booked flights (literally 5 minutes ago) for our extended family (my parents, sister & her family) major-theme-park trip next month. I'm not sure if I'm excited or dreading this, TBH. Not sure when we will tell the kids. I want them to get used to school mode for a few weeks.
  • I have also been doing my back PT, and found a perfect incentive. One episode of a favorite podcast at 1.3 speed perfectly covers the time. I listed to BoBW and Happier so far this week.
  • Not really a "thing that happened" but I wanted to share the BEST JEANS EVER. I literally have worn them maybe 75% of all the days in the past 6 weeks since I got them. On the plane, all day through Legoland, work, around the house. They are the only stretchy jeans I have every tried that do not get baggy or need to be pulled up. Even the designer ones that cost twice as much (on major sale) are not as amazing as these. I need to get a pair in blue and maybe a back-up pair of black. I told G that "all my other pants are garbage" compared to these and I am not exaggerating.
OK, my break is over. Back to work.


  1. Next time we go to the city, I will have to stop at a madewell store!

  2. I'm totally intrigued by your jeans suggestion....

    Sounds like things are going well, at least by this list :)

  3. Those jeans look awesome! I wear 3 pairs almost all of the time - 2 pairs of AG, and one amazing pair of Madewell. They cost half as much and are just as well-made and flattering.

    I love madewell in general actually.

  4. Thanks for the jeans recommendation! I read here but rarely comment. Thanks for posting. My oldest son has severe ADHD and anxiety and I can relate to some of what you share about your son. All best to you.

  5. Update: Shortly after you posted this, my husband informed me he had gotten a raise. To celebrate, I said, the heck with going to the city and trying things on to see if they actually fit, and I bought a pair of these jeans. They came yesterday. They do fit beautifully (I went a size down as suggested by almost everyone in the comments) and are super comfy. DH says that they do not have any weird bulges as skinny jeans/leggings so often do and they have an uninterrupted curve.

    So two thumbs up-- I now have a pair of black jeans to add to my weekend/casual rotation.


    1. oh, they are a little bit too long-- I had to get regular since they weren't stocking short. I'm doing as someone suggested in the comments and have made cuffs on the bottoms.

    2. (At least I don't have to tuck and roll the cuff-- anybody remember that from middle school in the 90s?)