Friday, January 19, 2018

Winter Weekends

I mentioned this weekend would be challenging in terms of trying to keep the kids off screens, so I wanted to set at least a very loose plan to make sure we got done what we needed to and also had time to spend together.

Friday pm: pizza + wine. kids play on own or board games. Kids need baths. My turn for stories. G and I may watch one episode of Black Mirror.

Saturday AM: I go to gym, do back PT, and shower. G makes waffles with kids.
Saturday PM: I take boys to library while G starts cleaning/decluttering in basement (contractor coming back Monday to put in new floors and we have to move everything). Park after if weather OK otherwise home to read books. Facetime with  both sets grandparents. Indoor activity that I would be in charge of: either baking or "science kit". G goes to grocery store and makes dinner.

Sunday AM: I go to gym, shower. G may go to gym after me.
Sunday PM: I make soup (my turn to cook for our neighborhood "soup group") while G figures out what to do with the kids. Chores: lunches, laundry, more basement decluttering, etc... we will split up depending on who feels like chores and who wants to wrangle kids.  Late afternoon I need to go get my eyebrows done and return something to a store (and get out of the house!) Need to be home by 5 for soup pick up. Simple dinner. Showers and books for boys.

Reminders: put phone AWAY
get out of house even if I don't feel like it when I can
keep trying to set up a play date for Sat or Sun afternoon.


  1. Re eyebrows: I love love LOVE the Nad's eyebrow shaper wand. Takes me 2 min to do my brows now and they look perfect.

  2. Sounds like a well-planned weekend. I'm impressed that you have a soup group! That sounds wonderful.

  3. 1) I bought the Roadtrippers! (went to the store, which is less than 2 miles from me so I had no real excuse). They are great and so comfortable.
    2) Plan looks good - only hole I see is: what are kids doing Saturday AM (do they go to gym childcare?)

    I am hoping it goes well!!!

  4. I am wearing my roadtrippers right now.... I feel very fashionable.