Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Humpty Dumpty had a great...

Hello again. I've been swinging wildly between immense joy and delight in spending time with my family and friends and...utter despair and rage at my realization that more than half the inhabitants of this country are misogynistic racist insert word for horrible people here.

And then there is the usual stress of work and home and life in general. I'm still trying to lose weight, and get an R01 and publish papers and increase my clinical RVUs and exercise and spend time with my husband and kids and keep the house in semi-reasonable order.

Highlights: L's birthday weekend & sister visit. Kid-Free friend outings including Harry Potter quizzo brunch. Low key date night with yummy pasta and wine. A paper got accepted! (2 got rejected, but I'm revising them now).

I'm on a call week/weekend now, and its going OK so far. I'm using this week as a time to really focus on good habits and NOT treating myself with junk food & junk media. I used a bit of unexpected downtime yesterday to write my list of 100 dreams (inspired by the Best of Both Worlds podcast). I had actually started one last year and only made it to 30, so I changed a few (why did I want to make a cheesecake? Or meditate for 30 minutes? And I already went to see Hamilton) and added 70 more. I realized that there was some low-hanging fruit in there so I officially made a list within a list of the 7 things I want to do this fall:

1) Go camping with the dog (we are planning this for later this month!)
2) Try hot chicken (going to Nashville for a conference so I can make this happen)
3) Do a 5 minute plank (I actually was able to to this a couple of years ago, I just built up to it using a plank challenge program and I can do it again!)
4) Laser hair removal on my legs/bikini area. I started doing my armpits this summer and its awesome. I'm going back next week for another session and will schedule the leg/bikini session for November, when my tan will be fully faded (you can't do it if you have a tan)
5) Take the kids to a Broadway show. B wanted to go to New York around his birthday to see the big Christmas tree and stuff and I'm looking into getting tickets to Lion King or Matilda
6) Try crossfit. There is a gym nearby. I will go there one day.
7) Find the perfect cute/comfy/warm sweater/layer to wear in my office. I am browsing online and have some contenders of sweater/fleece hybrids WITH THUMBHOLES! It is FREEZING in my office and I throw on this ugly fleece with our work logo on it but I'd like something I can actually keep on when I run to a meeting

And that is it. I see a few more things that may actually get done this fall, but no big reaches for right now. "Go to South America" and "Write a book" will wait for another season in life.


  1. I don't actually think it is more than half-- we're just gerrymandered on top of small racist states being given extra power in the senate. So it seems like more than half... I think in reality it's more like a third and would be even less if Fox News wasn't such a huge influencer.

  2. I loved Lion King so much when I saw it a few years ago. Great goal!