Friday, December 6, 2019


I just completed a job interview. At a very different place, in a very very very (very) high COL area. I absolutely loved this job. I would/will take it (its not officially offered to me but I think my chances are good) if we can find a way to remotely afford to live here. I've been furiously looking at real estate websites for homes for sale or for rent in the school districts I was told were good (i.e. people with similar aged kids felt comfortable with their kids in public school for elementary/middle) and...yeah.

Given the salary (I don't have exact numbers but our specialty is not highly paid and the even if I negotiate it up a bit its still not...a lot), and the fact that G would not have a job necessarily when we move here, its just not feasible.

And I'm so sad, because everything about this job is absolutely what I want. Its academic but SO SO SO SO much less intense. I could have a good mix of clinical time with a a reasonable amount of space for teaching/research (and the opportunity to grow that should I wish) AND a lot of people working in similar areas to easily collaborate with (because doing it all on your own when you are also seeing a LOT of patients is hard/impossible). When I asked about the metrics for promotion I was basically told that there aren't hard and fast metrics and there is NO WAY I wouldn't have been promoted years ago. Whereas our institution can easily pull up the 50 publications (x% in high end journals), 5 talks/year, 100 teaching hours, blah blah blah and I am barely crossing the line to even be considered for promotion.

Anyways. My head was turned. I had the best sushi of MY LIFE, the weather cannot possible be beat (at least at this time of year), and the people and mentality were so much more my speed (passionate and enthusiastic let...laid back and fun, and focused on "balance") and going back to being on call next week and freezing my ass off is going to be rough.


  1. Ana! That sounds amazing! I hope the offer comes through and you have choices to make. That must feel great!

  2. I hope there is some way you could make it work. So sad that there are places where even physicians can't afford to live well!