Thursday, June 11, 2020


(yes, recent events, and the greater reckoning of understanding all of our my own part in institutionalized racism is still very much on my mind. We are going to a demonstration with the children today, and I have a call set up to discuss racial disparities in medical care in the clinic I am leading)

But also, there is COVID, and the fact that we are now in the "yellow zone" (despite not exactly meeting criteria for the yellow zone) and things are...opening up.

Our camp sent out emails this week re: starting in July. My initial thought was "No way". It took one hour of listening to my kids fight and tell me they are bored while I was trying to lead a contentious staff meeting (plus a nudge from my therapist to at least consider that it may be good for all of us) to change my mind. School isn't officially over until tomorrow but the teachers stopped assigning work so "school" is just a daily zoom meeting with the class and some "optional" art projects which my kids have no interest in.

They are going to camp. When we told them they moaned and groaned for...<1 minute. And then that night B asked if it starts next week and they moaned and groaned when I said "not 'til July".  The camp is 9-3, they are assigning kids into groups of 5 for the whole 6 weeks. Counselors will be masked, kids are "high encouraged" to wear masks, and they will do outdoor activities as long as weather permits, or be inside the rec center, one group per room. We may just keep them at home on horribly rainy days.

That still leaves us 2 weeks in June and 1 week in August they'll be rattling around the house but I can deal with that. (please please please let school open this fall)

Our ramp up continues for outpatient clinic. We are now being told to plan for 50/50 in-person vs. virtual for July/August, but its looking more like 70/30 for me, based on the patients I already have scheduled and don't want to reschedule--many that I put off seeing in person really need to come in this summer. If it weren't for the backlog, 50/50 would actually be the right amount for my speciality, like, forever. I hope we can continue some degree of telemedicine because patients really like it and I've grown to enjoy my sunny bedroom office more than the dark dingy crowded clinic spaces.

OK, back to preparing a talk I'm giving next week. I don't want to work this weekend, it looks not-to-hot and not-too-rainy and I'd like to be outside after the sauna-like weather we've had this week. My run this morning was so painful and slow. 75 degrees, humid, wearing a mask, and sore legs from beach body yesterday is not a great combo.


  1. The camp thing: interesting. I don't think there's anything in my area that's not virtual (and I have no interest in virtual, other than a self-paced Minecraft activity for Tiny Boy).

  2. I have my daughter signed up for camp for the last three weeks of summer (our summer is now divided - for camps - into three sessions of three weeks). I forgot to register my son right when Rec and Park opened and now he is not in a camp for those three weeks and I cried actual tears that day. I’m still so mad at myself for missing that registration. There are no other camps that session that I can afford (or at least that I want to pay for - $2K is too steep for me for some random camp that doesn’t even look that good) so now I get no break from my son all summer. And he’s the one I need the break from. Damn. I’m still so mad at myself about it.

    All that to say, I think you did the right thing. It’s what I did (would have done again).

  3. We have to make a decision about summer camp soon. We just got info from the last available camp literally yesterday. The school camp is doing it pretty much perfectly-- curbside pickup and dropoff, temperature checks, most of the day spent outside (the rest spent in "cabin" but I don't know what the cabin is), limit of 40 students per camp, separated into groups of 5 that don't interact, masks required, etc.

    But... it's 100 degrees outside on a regular basis already. It sounds miserable to me!

    The children's museum camp that DC2 has really outgrown doesn't seem to be making any changes, so that's completely out.

    The science museum is limiting it to 10 campers total per session separated by ages, 4-7 and 8-12. They're also cutting it to half a day, requiring masks, and doing curbside, along with some other stuff. But... DC2 is 7 and gradeskipped so doing the four year old activities doesn't seem like it will either be much fun or tire hir out at all.

    So I don't know what to do. (Plus I haven't gotten my COVID DDA reimbursement yet that they said I would get? Not that I should be making decisions based on whether or not I'll be getting money back from the DDA, since that is a sunk cost.)

  4. I'm so glad you posted this because I have really struggled with our camp plan. It seems like so many people are either keeping their kids home or don't have the option of camp. My state is also yellow and opening slowly, including our JCC camp. My husband and I can cover the childcare but it is just so hard.

    We had the kids signed up for the entire summer, but the camp has been extremely reasonable about refunds so this week we had to decide which weeks to keep. We originally were going to keep two weeks at the end of July, hopefully after they work out any kinks in the safety procedures. We realized just in time that if we're ok with camp at that point we should just keep them signed up for the last four weeks, so now we have four weeks from late July through early August.

    One thing that has helped is realizing that, as you note, we don't have to send them. If it's really rainy and they would be inside or if local cases go up we can always keep them home. We are paying for the option of sending them to camp, and at this point I am willing to pay a lot for the possible option of childcare!

  5. Found out there might be riding camp where we are moving? If that comes through omg that would be amazing. Go for it, Ana.

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