Friday, January 17, 2020

20 for 20

My list that I wrote in December and finally found (in my 2019 planner)

1. Go to 2 live music concerts
2. See "The Cursed Child" on Broadway
3. Trip to Maine
4. Girls trip
5. Camping trip with my sister
6. Indoor water park weekend (this is scheduled for next month!)
7. Summer staycation (1 week off work/school, doing local stuff/day trips)
8. Run a 5K as a family
9. Volunteer in some capacity for the democratic presidential candidate
10. Teach B to make one meal on his own
11. Do all the new puzzles in our house
12. Plant herb garden
13. Finish laser hair removal treatments
14. Couples weekend trip
15. Chaperone a field trip for each kid
16. Short hair cut (DONE!)
17. Quit facebook for 2 months in a row (in progress)
18. A weekend at home alone
19. Read one "actual" (physical) book per month (I've got at least 12 on my shelf that I've ignored because reading on the Kindle app is so much easier!)
20. Take a dance and/or music class

I think of this list as more personal and fun, vs. goals that are more about improvement and achievement. Thus, no work stuff, and lots of travel stuff.

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