Thursday, January 14, 2021

Showing Up

I've had so many reminders this week that how I show up to things makes a huge difference in how it goes---for myself and others. Tough things tend to go better when I intentionally decide the energy I am bringing---kids' homework, difficult patients, team meetings, even early morning workouts. 

Its something I discussed with my therapist yesterday re: the kids' homework (omg, its killing us all, why why WHY do they have to get so much to do????) and with my leadership coach today re: team meetings (with many challenging personalities). 

I come into the homework every evening tired from the day and just wanting to be DONE and so I nag and push them to go faster and am constantly irritated that they aren't moving at MY pace. Yes, they do need some parental guidance and supervision to get it all done---they got very poor grades on their last report card--they definitely are not able to navigate it if left to themselves. I need to take a moment after the work day to change clothes, make a plan for the next day, have a snack if I'm hangry, and then leave behind any expectations or time pressure on how things are going to proceed. 

I rush into our weekly team meetings right after a half-day of patients, hungry, thirsty, frazzled and my hair and face a mess after wearing PPE. So I'm not ready to put on my "leader" hat, and I flounder and the meeting loses track. I need to take a few minutes to compose myself, fix my physical appearance, have some water and a snack, and go over the agenda. I may have to suggest pushing back the time a few minutes so I can do this, but I think we will finish earlier if I am more able to take charge. 

Its not a perfect answer---homework time will probably always suck, and people will go off-topic at meetings---but its the one thing I can actually control.  Now its just remembering to DO it, ha! 


  1. I totally experience all of this. "How you show up" means so much, whether it's a big meeting or bedtime. I totally think you need to engineer some space between clinic and the meeting. (I also get why that's hard to do - but maybe could you even start clinic earlier that day & end earlier, keeping same # patients?)

  2. 5th grade teacher here - have you reached out to your children’s teachers about the HW struggles? Teachers should work with parents and students, especially during this crazy year, to modify assignments or give extra time or even to say, don’t worry about HW if it’s a daily struggle. I’m sure if something could be worked out it would make it easier on all of you (teachers included!).

  3. Ohhh.... My 8th-grader is having such a tough time as well. HW is always incomplete and there's a circle of secondary transgressions around that :/. Good kid, but just doesn't seem to be able to stay on top of it.