Friday, July 16, 2021

Highlights, Lowlights, and Things I Learned

 Highlights of the week: 

  • I got the kids to bed (like said goodnight, closed the door) by 9:30 every night. This is (sadly) an improvement
  • The Loki season finale. So fun to have a show to look forward to together. 
  • The Kindle Paperwhite I ordered 3 weeks ago finally came in 
  • Surging COVID numbers all over the place and 2 unvaccinated kids and travel plans
Things I Learned About Myself This Week
  • I cannot do "deep work" in the afternoon after a morning clinic, especially when I cram in a full day's patients into a 5 hour session
  • I am a moderator. Except for extra toasty Cheez-Its. I need to abstain and be "free from Cheez-its"
  • I am still terrible at saying no to things that "sound interesting" and are WAY in the future where time and energy seem boundless. I need to remember "If its not a HELL YES it should be a HELL NO" (heard on a podcast, not sure which?)
Have meetings scheduled today 10-4 (last one ended early, hence this post). Looking forward to a weekend with absolutely nothing planned. I need to catch up on the work I didn't do yesterday afternoon and will obviously not be doing today 


  1. THE LOKI SEASON FINALE!!!!! Oh my goodness, the Marvel shows in general have been such a bright spot in my life this year. But this one just blew my mind and I'm so excited to see the repercussions (especially Dr. Strange 2 which is meant to have both Wanda and Loki in it).

    Have your kids seen all the films? I've been watching the shows on my own because E. is only just starting to watch the films and there's no way he's emotionally ready for Infinity War/Endgame. But he knows (to some degree) what happened because of his buddies at school. So maybe he could watch Loki with some basic backstory explaining? (He really needs to get further along with the films before the others.)

    I am having some issues with bedtime here too, although mostly with P. (5) who gets out of bed AS SOON AS she's been tucked in and then trundles up and down the stairs claiming she 'needs' various things for what feels like hours. They've been in bike camp this week and she's fallen asleep so much faster as a result. E. reads in his own room and doesn't want me to read to him any more, but gets frustrated if I'm not 100% ready to help him get ready for bed the second he decides it's time (which is at some point between 9 and 9:30). We brush teeth and floss together to help encourage good hygiene. So his routine doesn't take long, but I can never be sure when he'll appear and sometimes that's really frustrating.

    1. Yes---they have seen them all (my husband made a schedule and had them watch every movie in the lead-up to Endgame). I was initially dismissive but I've come around! If you haven't seen Black Widow yet, DO IT. Much better than I ever expected (we paid the $30 and saw it it last Friday at home)

  2. Ana, I have a potato chip problem. If LG opens a bag of chips neither one of us has any self control. I realized that if I made myself eat them *with chopsticks* I could moderate. There's something about the hand-to-mouth thing that involves all my bad food habits. I don't eat crap with utensils, really ever.

    1. That's pretty genius. I have never tried that. I love chips too, but those extra toasty cheez-its were like designed for me

  3. Ana, why did you have to bring up cheez-its? Goddamn it now I want some!