Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Just a quick shout-out to my favorite month. Is there a lovelier month than May? Flowers & sunshine & my birthday, whoo hoo!  Here's hoping it turns out better than the last 30 days. WTF April!? Why so full of snot and vomit and poop and night-time waking up and cold and rain and leaks and general yuck. Already off to a better start with no 4 AM wake-ups by L and no-winter-coat-needing weather (though still rainy enough that I had to skip my run, which was fine because I am STILL congested, headache-y, and coughing).

I haven't done much to celebrate my birthday the past few years what with pregnancies & newborns, so I am going to borrow a tradition from my sister and celebrate "birthday week" at the end of the month (you pick 7 days around & including your birthday and do something fun/special each day, what's not to love?) While I generally try to avoid attention at all costs, I do like a little pampering for my birthday, since I certainly don't get any in my regular life! I think I'll have more fun planning what to do than I'll have actually doing it...I realized that the anticipation is a huge part of enjoyment for me, so I'll maximize the fun by having everything planned out as early as possible.

Anybody else have a favorite month, or have any fun birthday traditions?

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  1. I love May, too! I love all the months from April to August, pretty much... I am also a girl who prefers to be quietly pampered rather than getting involved in any big birthday fuss, so I like the idea of you getting nice things for a week!