Monday, May 7, 2012

Best. Sick day. Ever.

B had a high fever this morning so I am staying home with him. Its weird, he was 103 last night and 102.5 this AM, but no other symptoms and seems mostly fine, just quiet when the fever recurs, and totally normal after meds kick in.  So we've had some fun.

We ate peanut butter & raisins---mine on crackers, his on a spoon. We planted the flowers & seeds G brought home yesterday in pots and window boxes. Well, I planted them, while my OCD little princess squealed about dirt possibly getting on his hands. (I know, I have NO idea where this came from. We have pictures from a year ago where he is digging in same planters and shoveling dirt into his mouth). Then we went to the park, with a detour for ice cream. We finished some long overdue errands while B picked at lunch in the stroller. Now he's napping and I'm hurriedly checking email/putting out fires at work, pumping, eating lunch, and doing laundry (and writing this, duh).

I was planning to take a day off work this week sans kids, to shop, get my nails done, and finish some sewing projects. Its been such a busy & stressful few weeks & I wanted a day all to myself. I figured having a sick kid at home would be just another stressful & exhausting endeavor, but its actually been fun. One on one is SO MUCH EASIER than wrangling the two, and B is...well...practically human these days.  I think I want to do mommy-B days more often, but next time we'll skip the 102 fever.


  1. Aww! I'm taking a day off work today, sans kid, and you make me wish I could have one more like yours!

    1. Oh it went way WAY downhill literally the moment I hit glad you had a REAL day off...

  2. I hope B's feeling better. So great that you got to use your kiddo's sick day for fun as well as recuperation!