Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This. That. The Other

This: The moment I hit publish on my last post, B woke up  from a drastically abbreviated nap...crying, feverish, and red-faced. The redness spread quickly down his body and by bedtime he had a full-body rash and a fever of over 104. The rest of the week...was. We took turns staying home with him...and his cheerful demeanor gave way to the expected crankiness & whining of a very sick boy. Thursday morning I finally took him to the doctor---scarlet fever. Started antibiotics and he was finally back to normal, albeit itchy and peeling all-over by Sunday.

That: To add to the fun, L also came down with a 104+ fever on Tuesday evening. Never got the rash, so likely had something different, and went away on its own, but not without some terrrrriiiibbbbblllleee nights.

The Other: Mother's Day was. It was a nice Sunday---both boys finally healthy, weather warm and sunny...but we did nothing to really mark the day. G had brought me some flowers when he went grocery shopping on Saturday (and they gave me SEVERE allergies so we banished them to the backyard). Other than that, we did our usual Sunday chores, park outings, etc... I didn't ask for or get any special treatment. I just took care of my family & enjoyed them. Isn't that what Mother's Day should be about? Not only to be appreciated, but...appreciating.


  1. Have to disagree with you, mother's day is about being appreciated. This is because part of being a "good" mother IS appreciating everything you have, and savoring each moment, if you will. Remember how you posted a while back about feeling bad about not appreciating every moment?

    So. Now that your family is healthy, get G to do a mother's day re-do. Or incorporate that into a birthday week celebration. You deserve it.

    PS -- You're scaring me a bit with the sick kiddo stories.

  2. Honestly I've been ambivalent about mothers day for many reasons...I think it'll be fun when my boys are older and can show their appreciation, but G already does SO SO much it really wasn't even feasible for him to "give me the day off" or anything. I like being appreciated just not necessarily for being "a mother". So my statement should be clarified since it reflects where I was and what I was feeling this year...that until my kids can show their appreciation for me, I will just enjoy it as another nice family Sunday. To G's credit, the flowers were gorgeous and a new kind that I had no idea is react birthday week starts this Sunday!