Saturday, December 15, 2012


Yesterday morning I watched (shrieking helplessly and un-helpful-y) as L tumbled down the stairs to our basement. The door was left open to let the dog up behind me, and I only turned my back for a second. He cried less than I did, and was back to his regularly scheduled antics after a quick cuddle and some kisses from big brother.

G and I discussed getting a baby gate for that entry way. Its not that hard to to do, and you know, just in case.

At our noon conference at work, we discussed an article showing a weak (really really weak) association between BPA levels and certain health risks. After tearing the paper apart, most of us in the room admitted that we did go for the BPA-free products for our children. In fact our specialty's organization was pushing for a government ban on BPA in food packaging. It may not help at all, but you know, just in case.

Many people say banning assault weapons will not stop gun violence. That people with evil intent will find a way. That the statistics that show (pretty convincingly to me) that countries with stricter bans have less gun-related fatalities are not applicable here.

But I figured I'd make my voice heard doing this. And this. And this. It wasn't that hard. And you know, just in case.

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