Monday, April 29, 2013

A Tale of Two Weekends

Last weekend was extremely low-key. It was cold. We barely left the house and saw no-one. We pretty much read books, cooked, and finished up all our chores easily and with time to spare. It was refreshing and relaxing and boring.

This weekend was hectic. It was glorious & sunny. We went tons of places and saw lots of people. For the first time in ages, actually, we didn't get our chores done---we have no food for adult lunches and no pre-made dinners. It was spontaneous and fun and exhausting.

I love both types of weekends, but my capacity for enduring the second type is waning with age. My ideal ratio of Weekend Type1  to Weekend Type 2 would be 2:1. I need to recover.


  1. My problem with type 1 weekends is it's not like Dylan slows down, so I just end up chasing her all over the house instead and I end up exhausted AND bored. Blah. Hey at least spring is here.

    You could try Fresh Direct for groceries. One of the anesthesia attendings recommended it to me. He said it wasn't much more expensive than going to the store and was extremely convenient and decent quality. I haven't tried it yet myself since au pair has been doing out shopping lately, but if we didn't have her I totally would.

    1. Only very very recently have type 1 weekends become a bit more pleasant---I think it'll be more & more the case as the kids grow and can play independently. I did have to entertain them, but we all piled on the bed and read books, I set them up outside with bubbles (and coats on), etc... Plus L napped more (2 naps/day) since we were at home to notice his cues and put him down.

      As for Fresh Direct---I went to their website once and spend over 30 minutes trying to put together a list. I already had >$100 in my cart and didn't really have anything of substance yet. We can do a TJs run in an 1 to 1.5 hours, including the exercise of walking there & back, so if I spend an hour choosing groceries online it won't save me time. Plus, you have to be home when they come, so if you want a Type 2 weekend, grocery delivery will not make that happen.

    2. That sounds like a pain. I think if you order from them frequently, you can save lists online, otherwise yeah, that sounds really time consuming. I'm looking forward to having a low key weekend.... ever! I'm glad you've finally had some.

  2. Super agreed, except my ratio is like 52/1. Was just thinking about your tasty salad lunch today... Anyway, happy you had a nice one of each type!