Monday, November 11, 2013

I survived...

It was a call weekend for the record books. Saw 30+ patients each day, rounded for about 9 hours (with a 20 minute lunch break), only to go home and spend 2-3 hours writing notes on said patients.

I am taking a bit of a breather today, working from home in the AM and going to check some personal errands off the list in the PM (return clothes, pick up books on hold at the library, get eyebrows waxed...nothing strenuous).

G really rose to the challenge and managed to provide fun outings for the kids AND take care of all of the household chores. When I got home yesterday evening, I was shocked to realize that everything was done. What an absolute relief, he really deserves a medal for that!

We ordered a pizza for ourselves instead of making even the simplest of dinners because we were both totally spent. It was delicious. The kids ate leftover pasta and chicken nuggets. I have no shame about reaching for the "kid food" when life gets tough. There is time to expand their palate later.

Then we all hung out in the living room, the boys climbing over us and laughing hysterically, having races with their ride on toys and coming around every few minutes for tickles and hugs while G and I were collapsed on the rug, marveling at their cuteness. It was a really good evening, like life was handing me the very thing I needed at the exact moment I needed it.

I noticed it, and I appreciated it, because it doesn't always work that way.


  1. It is so nice to realize our spouses really can step up sometimes! And that kind of playing is so much fun, too.

    and this feels like a silly question, but since I haven't been reading that long - are you a doctor? what kind? I think something to do with nutrition?

    1. Not silly, I honestly don't mention my work here much. Yes I'm a doctor---I do clinical work and research. I don't talk about the specifics here...

  2. You survived! I knew you would. :)

    I love it when I come home, and hubby has managed to take care of EVERYTHING. It almost never happens, but when it does, it is truly a golden moment.

    And you certainly shouldn't feel guilty about reaching for the kid food when you're too exhausted to think. I am a strong believer in home cooked meals, yet I have no problem buying a bag of french fries now and then (as I did after my half marathon yesterday- no way in hell I was cooking!)... though hubby did make home made chicken fingers for us. Bless him. :)

  3. 9 hours of rounding sounds like hell. Good for you for not only making it through, but for having enough left to be able to enjoy your family time afterwards. And kudos to G for picking up the slack at home!

  4. I love those moments like your evening. Those times when being a family works out just like you envisioned...