Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014 Fun List

I talked about bringing more fun into my life, and the more I think on it, the more I feel that its not a frivolous goal. Filling my life with the things that bring me joy are essential for sustaining the energy I need to work on the things that really matter. So I've made a list of some of the things I want to do this year---just for fun.

  • Go hear live music (not counting the 2 kiddie concerts we are going to)
  • See a non-music performance---play, dance, comedy routine
  • See an exhibit at a non-child-friendly museum
  • Add myself to carshare account and use it
  • Learn to make a nice cocktail for myself
  • Go to the beach
  • Go see fireworks
  • A trip for just the 4 of us---anything from a weekend to a week in length
  • Date night picnic in the park
  • Drive out at night to see the stars
  • Regular (i.e once every couple of months) lunches with my work friends
  • Regular brunches with my brunch friends
  • Go to friend's bridal shower
  • Find new music to listen to---goal of 5 new artists/bands*
  • Figure out something to do with my hair*

Obviously I don't think I'll get ALL of them done in one year, but its something to work towards! 

*suggestions welcome


  1. I think that when you truly attend to yourself and make this list a priority, you can do all these things in one year. The key will be in the planning. You've got to get the activities/events planned.

  2. Love that you made a list! A tip for you (obvious one) - print it out and hang it somewhere that you'll see it often. This was how we were successful with our summer and holiday lists last year.

  3. I love the cocktail idea- if you experiment, you could create your own "signature cocktail" and serve it at parties. I might steal that idea! For hair, definitely go on Pinterest- my current hairstyle came from pictures I found there, and I love it. I also found a new, fresh stylist by asking an acquaintance, whose hair I've always liked, where she got hers done. Best switch I ever made!

  4. I LOVE my stylist. Granted, my hair is different from yours, but she is located in your neck of the woods, and is reasonably priced. Email me if you want her contact info.

  5. i like your list - highly recommend printing as well - with checkboxes.

    incidentally, i've given up on my hair too, but only b/c i'm DYIIIIING for my next straightening. it's been a whole year due to preg! already have appt scheduled 4/12. :)

  6. Very good idea! Good luck with that.
    As for suggestions, here are mine:
    1- Temperence Movement, a UK blues band, brilliant live, quite very nice at home as well. Got their album and like it very much.
    2- splurge on a high end, recommended hair stylist. S/he will help you find the style that suits you best, and if they're good enough, it will be simple and fairly easy to maintain. For me, the classic bob works best, with the ends just slightly thinned, as the hairs have a tendency to stick out every which way if thinned too much, even though they are poker straight. I have gone through many, MANY hairstyles, lengths, colours, thickness, and it is always the simplest solution that works best. But you need to find your own. And then pay attention closely so that you can detail your requests if you want a top up at a regular hairdresser. I should trim mine every 3-4 weeks, and that just won't do at the expensive, downtown place every month.

  7. I have another band to recommend. It is called Zdob si Zdub, although I think it is spelled Zdob shi Zdub on itunes. It is a moldovan band, the lyrics are mostly in Romanian, some in en and others in Russian. They sing Romanian folk music updated with hardcore beats. It is very rhythmic. I realise part of their charm is lost when one does not understand the lyrics, but it is quite entertaining to listen to them. You could try Boonika bate Toba, DJ Vasile, Videli Noch. The videos are funny as well. The rural scenes and costumes are authentic.

  8. Woo hoo! This fun list makes me want to have fun, too. I'm also with you on the wanting to do something, anything with my poor hair. I suggest you go out and DRINK a lot of cocktails, to help you find one you want to recreate...

  9. I love the idea of learning to make a nice cocktail for yourself. I'm adding that to MY 2014 fun list.