Monday, January 13, 2014


A Series of Unrelated Paragraphs and Lists

We had B's "friend" birthday party this weekend; it was dinosaur themed. We had a dinosaur cake (gorgeously decorated yet somewhat strange-tasting, from Whole Foods), a dinosaur piƱata, and a "feed the dinosaur" game. We also had a "pass the parcel" game, which the kids totally didn't get. Also some kids didn't want to feed pizza to the dinosaur. Also B was upset because he wanted to get more turns at everything, and he didn't like the cake, and he wanted more presents. But "can I have another party tomorrow mommy?" Our fridge and freezer is FULL of leftover cake and pizza (we did not plan well).

My parents were here last week, which meant no taking kids to daycare, no making lunches, and lots of help on the parenting, cooking, and cleaning front (my mom is amazing). My sister and her family came up Friday afternoon and stayed for the party. I was really sad Sunday after we dropped my mom and dad off at the airport. That letdown that comes after something you've been excited about is over and its back to real life. It was hard to rally my energy to do our Sunday chores, but we did it.

I have been mild-moderately sick since New Years day, thus its been over 2 weeks since I've worked out. I had a quick run Sunday morning and it felt amazing (but hard!). I really need to exercise regularly for stress-relief if nothing else.

I had lunch with a fellow blogger last week. This was the first time I've crossed URL and IRL worlds and I was a little nervous going into it, though it was quite fun. It was weird knowing so much about each other before having met, but also somewhat of a relief not to have to do the usual small talk. Now I want to meet all of you!

I was woken up at 4:45 this AM by the dog very noisily shifting her bed around and couldn't get back to sleep. So I wound up reading Sarah's post about "bits of joy" and stayed in bed long enough to come up with my own list of fun things to do with 5-20 minutes of down time:

  • play with the dog
  • read movie reviews to find additions to my "to watch" list
  • update my Goodreads profile (I haven't done it in 10 months and my sister and friend are bugging me)
  • call someone (my mom, long-distance friends)
  • text my sister
  • listen to music
  • read magazine article
  • flip through Boden or J Crew catalogs I've saved (I just love looking)
  • write an entry in my 5-year journal
  • organize a small area (this sounds lame, but it makes me happy to see a clear surface or easily accessible drawer)
  • make and drink a cup of tea or some other "fun but healthy" beverage
I still need to post my 2014 Fun List. I also need to do an update on my resolutions at the end of this week. But now I think I hear L stirring. I might end up going back into bed with him to get both of us a little more rest. I love waking up with him, I showed him how to "stretch" when getting up and its the absolute cutest. 


  1. I feel the same way after a visit from family - it's just hard to have that support system disappear. Great list! Love that idea!

  2. I can imagine it would be super hard to say good-bye to your parents-it sounds like it was AMAZING while they were in town. I know that feeling of letdown after something you've been waiting for forever is over. It's hard. Really hard.

    I love your fun list. I might do one myself. I always end up reading blog posts in my down time. Maybe I should branch out... ;)

  3. 1. love your list. completely understand the part about catalogues. they make me happy even when just browsing.

    2. DYING to know who you went to lunch with :) (i have my suspicions . . .and hopes . . .but who knows?). i've had several 'meetups' and some have been quite awkward; others have led to real true friendships.

    1. I'm guessing LV?

      I had a meetup with a fellow blogger at a meeting last year, and she was awesome. It was great and I am so glad we met IRL.

  4. I have only ever met one blogger IRL, and I actually knew her before I started blogging, so it doesn't really count. But I have a huge group of very close IRL friends who I met on infertility websites.

    I love your fun list... I usually end up cleaning, organizing, making phone calls or paying bills during my 'down' time. Ugh.

    1. That's what I ACTUALLY do, this is what I'd LIKE to do! We'll see how it goes.

  5. Listening to music is one that I'd completely forgotten about. I dug my old Indigo Girls CDs out of the cupboard and have been listening to them in the car. It makes driving around so much more fun. I'm getting tired of them again so I may need to move on, but it's like a blast to driving around in high school again...

    1. Oh Indigo Girls brings me back to the summer after freshman year of college. I went on a road trip with a friend and we listened to "joking" over and over and over...

  6. I've only met one blogger IRL. It was great to know so much about each other before we met. And I don't see her that often, but it's nice not to have to worry about catching up when we do meet up. I would love to meet more bloggers in person.

    I forget how old B turned. We did a pass the parcel game at J's fifth birthday party and it was fun. Sorry the cake tasted weird, though. :(

    1. B turned 4. We did the pass the parcel at another 4 year old party 2 months ago and it went well. this time, all the kids wanted to tear the paper instead of passing it on until the music stopped.

  7. I am looking forward to BlogHer '14 to meet some of my longest standing blog friends. I have met many women from various boards (fibroid, infertility, IVF, DE) IRL and some have become among my closest friends.

    Good for you!