Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bullets for all!

Nothing to report, just nothing to write these days. Things are...OK. We were all healthy for a while, but I'm sick today, and working from home. Its been miraculously productive, so I'm taking a wee break to bring you some random thoughts.
  • For the first time maybe EVER I kinda felt envy for those whose partners were doing something (anything!) for Valentine's day (I know! Its not like me). It was an absolute non-event here, except the kids got a lot of candy from school and were annoying in the evening. I think part of me deep down expected something? And then I feel ridiculous because its not like I did anything for G, either, so...
  • I cannot stop listening to "Super-symmetry" by Arcade Fire. Its been on repeat for 3 hours and I have no urge to change it. I haven't listened to a song on repeat like this since the 90s.
  • I lined up a sitter for Saturday evening but have no plans. I wanted to just wander around and find somewhere to eat. Its supposed to be a nice day (not freezing, not raining, not snowing). 
  • Because its going to be such a nice day, I'm bummed that I have to work that morning (which will likely stretch into afternoon). I appreciate that we do need to improve "patient access" but I sure hate giving up a Saturday to see non-urgent clinic patients. 
  • Whenever I start feeling blah, the urge to shop starts building up. The first step is admitting you have a problem?
  • The boys are so so cute and infuriating and delightful and exhausting every minute all in one. So much EMOTION it is constantly just bursting out...for better or worse.
  • I've been reading a LOT this year. Its given way this week to watching House of Cards. So deliciously evil and addictive. Its interesting watching that with the other show we're making our way through...The West Wing. Total juxtaposition of feel-good vs. feel-like-you-need-a shower political drama. Everyone in the Bartlett administration is just so likeable whereas everyone Frank Underwood comes into contact with seems to be capable of murder or worse.
  •  I started training for a 10-mile run. Well. "Training". Today I did a 2 mile walk/run because there was just still so much ice out there and I kept slipping. Back to the treadmill I go. I ordered some supposedly small and comfortable headphones made especially for women because regular ones just do not stay in my ear (and they hurt). Music and podcasts will help.
Hope its thawing out where you are! Only 29 days until spring!


  1. My favorite political drama is Yes, Minister. Given my knowledge of government (albeit in the US, not UK), it's the most realistic!

  2. Coming by to say hi and glad that things are running smoothly in your life.

    House of Cards, OMeffingG! We've watched 15 episodes since re-subscribing to Netflix on Saturday. I've always had a crush on Kevin Spacey and he's sooooooooooo good in this as is Robin Wright.

  3. Another vote to add 'Yes Minister' (and 'Yes Prime Minister') to your political drama watching - it seems pretty realistic (UK perspective) although one suspects the House of Cards stuff happens too (at least the things that happened in the Uk version. "...I couldn't possibly comment" on the US remake, not having seen it. It sits between the two - the people in it are human and likable in their own ways, yet the interactions and, well, politicking have realistic rather than feel-good or conspiracy theory outcomes. Also, poor Bernard... will he ever get it right?

  4. I discovered recently that you can buy replacement ear bud covers for your ear buds -- and they come in different sizes! Maybe that could be helpful to you?

  5. I have been wanting to watch House of Cards and now that I cancelled cable I'm sure I'll start it. I have always been a big Kevin Spacey fan so I'm sure I'll enjoy it.

    I'm glad things are relatively good these days. I hope that trend continues. Thinking of you, even when you're not writing.

    Have a good weekend.

  6. We have watched the West Wing probably fifty times, and are also currently watching House of Cards. Quite the contrast!

    We are super low key about valentines day, but I take the "I want a box of chocolates from THIS place, and a hand made card with at least two lines of affection", which works out nicely....

    I hope you guys had an awesome date. I feel like things go best when we do the wandering around thing...

  7. Watched the first episode of House of Cards while nursing today :) partly bc everyone tells me I look like the Zoe Barnes character. I liked it though!!

  8. Also we have low key v day too. Champagne and Brie and French toast at home usually (not this year). I'd rather go out to dinner on a less crowded night ...

  9. I have done exactly two outdoor runs this year, and both of those were done while on vacation in Florida last week. This has been a terrible winter for runners, and I have finally been forced to make my peace with the Dreadmill. Best of luck to you with your training for the 10-miler... Such a nice distance! And I hope you enjoyed your Saturday... My daughter has a bday party to go to this weekend, and I can't wait to have a few hours to myself!

  10. I have been reading for awhile and always intend to comment and time and life get the best of me. I still remember a line from the first post that I read that hooked me into your life and blog was a day you were having where your youngest son licked the pavement outside. If fully make me laugh out loud in the most understanding way: I have a 3 year old who is almost four and a 17 month old. Life is as you often describe - a mix of cuteness, busyness and crazy times as well.
    My oldest is also very sensitive and has a hard time with transitions. Still will cry a couple of times a week when dropped off at daycare. Hates going to bed. I appreciate your candor and sharing as it really does make things easier when you know that there are others who are just trying to do their best to have a good life.
    No one really talks about how marriages suffer when you have young kids (I guess part of the issue is when you don't have kids you aren't reading this kind of stuff). I have lots to work on as well and my marriage is on that list as well. The whole talking vs. TV and husband wanting to watch a movie - where you at my house?!
    It is so great to see the progress you make and have made in lots of areas (and don't give yourself enough credit for).
    I will somehow figure out how to get a name to show when posting again. As I will be back to read more!
    Oh and where I live we have had the worst cold and snow filled winter - I live in Canada so we use Celsius but we have had days and days of -20 (that is minus 20) as the high during the day. We are in another artic vortex of cold hell this week again. So lets really wish for spring.

    1. Thank you Shelly, and nice to meet you! Your comment made me smile this morning :)

  11. Everyone is raving about House of Cards, I must catch up on that. But the thing is that I have to catch up on so MANY things, I feel unable to choose, so I go play hayday... Pathetic, i know. But when I catch something live on telly, nothing stops me. :-)) Yes, they do, every time, who am I fooling.
    It's nice though to have a stagnant period, when nothing too bad happens and you can wallow in the good-ish things. Cute and infurating is the flavour of the time here as well. I swear that those children of mine NEVER listen to me or do what I tell them to. But they are so funny and smart. Which is good. Whoever has heard of a well behaved child, eh? :-)

  12. A big fat A-men to House of Cards, West Wing, Arcade Fire, and shopping as therapy. How else is a girl supposed to survive winter? ;)