Monday, February 3, 2014


Winter 2014 could be summed up with the words: SICK and SNOW. Add bitter bitter COLD perhaps to really get the feel of it.

This weekend where all 4 of us were healthy, and we had glorious highs in the 40s and 50s with nothing wet falling from the sky was like a glorious oasis in the dark, icy desert.

I went running, we went to the park, the kids had an absolute blast at a concert (B's birthday present, to see his favorite singer), G and I finally had our 2-weeks-delayed at home date night, we went to a fundraiser party for the boys' school and capped off the weekend with an un-Superbowl party (i.e. we ate food, drank beer and did NOT watch the game). The best part was actually having ENERGY after 4 weeks of dragging in a congested, headache-y haze. I had no problems barreling through our chores and cooking in the limited time we had in between fun activities.

Now L has a fever of 102, and we are supposed to get 8 inches today. But it was so so great while it lasted.


  1. Ugh, that all sounds so horrible (the snow and bitter cold and SICK part). I'm so glad you got a much needed respite this weekend. I hope L feels better soon and that the 8 inches aren't too debilitating.

  2. This winter sucks. I am SO over it. We totally have a spring countdown going on in our house.

  3. This has been a terrible winter! We have finally had two healthy weeks in a row, and I am counting my blessings (and praying it lasts for our trip to Disney in a week). Hope L is on the mend...

  4. Oh lady, I feel you. Except your version is actually WORSE than mine and I am going NUTSO. I'm so glad you got some palm trees and sand before heading back out into the burning desert. Hmmm...burning desert sounds pretty good...