Thursday, April 10, 2014

How 'bout me?

G & I joke that we need that title emblazoned across a T-shirt for L, because he says it upwards of 50 times a day. Anytime we do anything with B, hug him, tickle him, tell him a joke or a story, tell him to do something...sure enough "How bout me?" repeated until we do the same to L. Also heard upwards of 50 times per day in our house is "Aargh, isn't he the cutest?" Because he is. He is one of those kids that people stop to comment on...big eyes, bilateral dimples, long eyelashes, wicked smile, and a ready "HI!" to anyone in earshot.

L is our snugglebug...he'll happily cuddle on my chest. He's still into "BUTTIE" (belly button), and I have to watch out in public because he's prone to pull up my shirt and exposure my least favorite body part to the world. He sucks his thumb whenever he sleeps, is sleepy, is upset, or is wary of a new situation.

He'll greet strangers all the live long day, but gets shy when someone actually talks to him. He loves to make funny faces or do little dances to make us laugh.

L is also my naughty one. He'll take B's things and purposefully run away with them, throw them down the stairs, shut the door and proclaim "That's BETTer!" He says that like a cartoon villain with the catch-phrases...he KNOWS we think its funny. He is the one to throw things into the toilet, or dump out an entire GALLON of liquid soap on our bedroom floor after lugging it up TWO FLIGHTS of stairs. He'll push the step stool over to where ever he's not supposed to reach, get what he wants, and stealthily move it back (this is where we usually catch him).

He loves everything his brother loves, like Toy Story, scootering,  painting and Laurie Berkner. He still can't figure out how puzzles work but wants to do them and then "HELP me!" but "NO, MY turn" when we try to show him how it goes. He is very much my "Do it self" or more accurately "I try!!" kid. He has gotten really good with the paintbrush, and the scooter outside just by sheer obstinance.

And boy this kid could make a mule look like a pansy-ass pushover with his stubborness. There is no reasoning with him when he wants something. There isn't a punishment or argument in the world that would get him to change his mind. Either we give in, or he cries/screams/rages himself out---and then continues to bring it up for the next 3 days. I tried to take him up for a nap last Sunday, he used to be OK with napping with us in the bed, but as soon as we got up there he lashed out, clawed at my eyes and pulled my hair and screamed until I brought him downstairs and he snuggled on my chest and sucked his thumb.

Food is a major area where the obstinance kicks in. The kid exits almost completely on fruits and the syrup he sucks out of the waffle in the morning. He used to eat oatmeal every day but lately has asked for other things that he completely ignores. The one food he eats is tacos. His favorite book is "Dragons love tacos". Coincidence?

Tantrums and all, L is a delight. He keeps all 4 of us laughing every day. I can't wait to see him grow up, I'm sure it will be entertaining if nothing else.


  1. Aww!

    DC2 hasn't done that with liquid soap yet, but I could easily see that happening. I don't want to talk about toilets or what happens when DC1 forgets to put the lid down so the lid is locked.

  2. What a character! I love him! Thanks for sharing all that. He sounds like a really cute kid.

  3. Mmmmm, TACOS! They sound just wonderful, and sometimes terrible, and that's pretty much life, huh?