Monday, August 11, 2014

I run so I

Have you seen that disgusting slogan "I run so I can eat". It is emblazoned on T-shirts and headbands, usually in pink, always marketed to women. I once saw it on a blog, on a headband, on a 5-year old girls head. Gross.

L is my wild one. Usually he is devilishly mischievous, but sometimes he can be quite feral. All of us have the bite marks to prove it. He also tends to...get away from us. I've lost him several times, once for about 10 minutes in a very busy children's museum (with multiple openings to the outside). He had gone up to the another floor. I've also had numerous occasions where I've had to sprint after him to keep him from obliviously laughing, looking back, and running into traffic.

I always catch him. I'm sure the adrenaline would power anyone long enough to catch their fleeing child, but I'm never more grateful for my training than these occasions. I am glad I am in good shape so I can run after my kids. Or the bus, train, plane, etc... The dog when she gets spooked and pulls free.

There are loads of reasons to exercise. I am mostly driven by the amazing high I get pushing my body to its max, and my love of personal challenges of any sort. I also will admit to wanting to look and feel my best in my physical body. But I also like being able to do things in everyday life. The more I run, the faster and further I can walk without breaking a sweat. I can take the stairs and not waste time waiting for our incredibly slow elevators. I want to increase my upper body strength so I don't huff and puff when I have to replace the huge water jug on the water cooler at work, and can push the stroller with one arm and hold the dog's leash or groceries in the other (I am envious that G can do this, its a feat of lower arm strength).

For months I've been aiming to run 3 times a week---two short runs on the weekdays (3-4 miles) plus a longer weekend run (6-8 miles). I'm actually going to cut out the weekday runs and do a class at the gym with a friend that works on total body strength. Its a 30 minutes class twice a week in the early AM and we decided to commit for the month. We went last Tuesday and were SO SORE we actually had to skip Thursday, but will be back this week. My cardiovascular fitness and endurance are good enough for me, and I can continue to keep that up with walking and stairs and maybe a long run if the weather is nice on the weekends. I am woefully lacking in upper body strength, and even my legs are uneven, since running doesn't necessarily work everything. I'm hoping the class will motivate me to work on strength (I have a hard time motivating myself, and tend to half-ass anything I try to do on my own).

We'll see how it goes. Regardless, I'll eat.


  1. Good for you!

    My DC2 gets away like that too and thinks it's hilarous.

  2. Yes, yes, yes! I love this post. I also run (and/or work out) so I can wrangle and just generally keep up with my kids. (I can already tell that Monito is going to give me a serious run for my money when he finally figures out crawling.) I also do it because it helps me mental health. A lot. I exercise because it makes me feel good, not so I can eat (and honestly? Working out doesn't let you eat much more than you would anyway, that is the biggest mistake people losing weight tend to make.) so yeah. I'm with you. I can't believe that message is a thing. How infuriating. We have so far to go...

    1. Yes, I forgot to mention the benefits to my sanity! I can handle the day a LOT better when I've gotten a good workout in the morning! I also sleep better when I'm exercising regularly, and just generally feel more focused.

  3. The more I run, the more my feet, hips, and back hurt. I also don't like it very much. Therefore when I run, I don't run much. I wish there were time to some other kind of exercise, but alas.

    Therefore I take the stairs. Usually.

  4. i run so i can run, too. because i actually really REALLY like running. like the zone out quality, like the escape, like how it feels when i'm going semi fast, like training for things, and like how i feel all day after i'm done :)

  5. I run because I love to run. Good for stress relief. Good to get quiet thinking time. I think the way you saw the slogan on the headband was not the best message to be sending to a 5-year-old. On the other hand, some people I know who've lost reasonable amounts of weight say that exercise is what enables them to eat semi-normally in maintenance mode, as opposed to being incredibly strict with calories given their lower base calorie needs post weight loss.