Sunday, August 17, 2014

Relax and refresh

I remember writing up a whole list of things to do with unexpected bits of time. And yet I always do the same thing---play around on my phone. Whether its 15 minutes or an hour, I generally waste any breaks I get with this unfulfilling unsatisfying activity. And then I feel like my whole weekend was drudgery, because I never took advantage of the free time to fit in something that actual enhanced my life and was memorable. I decided to re-think the list and add to it. I'm then going to print it out and keep it somewhere (taped to my phone?) so I can remind myself, when I find myself with 30 minutes to myself, that I do have time to do things, I just need to do them. Some of these things may be considered "chores" but if they are relaxing/enjoyable to me (or at least more enjoyable than refereeing the wrestling match going on 24/7 in our house...)

  • Read book
  • Read New Yorker
  • Watch episode of TV show
  • Listen to music
  • Sit on deck 
  • Nap (put phone away and get in bed!)
  • Clean out drawers
  • Iron (with TV/music)
  • Pull weeds from container garden/sidewalk (I find it soothing)
  • Run an errand for me 
  • Paint nails
  • Dye hair
  • Plan a more complicated or new meal (find recipe, make shopping list)
  • Plan a night out
  • Look into vacation/travel options
  • Go for a walk or run
  • Exercise---crunches, planks, push-ups
  • Try on make-up (I never wear it because I don't know how and want to practice)
  • Do one step of a sewing project (find tutorial, measure fabric, cut, iron, pin, sew)
  • Plan out work week
  • Work
  • Call a friend
  • Write a blog post
  • Comment on blogs (not just skim on phone)
 What do you do if you get an unexpected hour to yourself?


  1. Right now... dealing with a moth infestation in the pantry. :( (Currently taking a brief sanity break.)

  2. i think the phone problem stems from the fact that it's often NOT an hour - it's a "stolen" 15 minutes while the kids are otherwise occupied and you have no idea whether it's going to last or not so the mindless phone-ing seems like the right thing to do. something that wouldn't be so bad if you got interrupted; something to pass the time. like you i find it a quick escape but one that leaves me with a gross empty feeling.

    also it's funny that you have 'watch a tv episode' on there. given that it's the american pastime and all. however, i am the exact same way. which reminds me i really need/want to catch up with girls season 3 . . .

    1. Yes, its a lot of stolen minutes, but also (FINALLY) there are more times that G may take the boys to the park nearby for an hour, or occupy them in something (or sit them down in front of Dora) and I actually have a longer time frame, and still don't use it well.

      I definitely think deliberately watching an episode of something I want to catch up on would be much more satisfying.

  3. Well, I guess lots of people find weed soothing! ;)

    1. Oh god, LOL! I edited the post to be more specific...but yes, I guess that would be a good way to relax (honestly, not something I partake in, though)

  4. I also fritter it away on my phone and it also drives me crazy. With my new schedule I'm going to have a lot less free time and I'm going to have to use it VERY WISELY. I love your list. I should make one too.

    1. The challenge will be remembering to use this list, though. Its so easy to just fritter the time away.

  5. I'm working on spending less time on my phone, too. Sometimes I use the extra time for housework, but I'm trying to also read books or do some kind of project. Lately I'm labeling pictures to put in albums, which is satisfying.

  6. Nap! I also try to read but I often read books on my phone.

  7. I LOVE the idea of having the list ready to go whenever you're looking for something to do. I'm guilty of jumping on my iPhone or other device when I could be doing something more relaxing/productive. My go-tos are (or should be) reading, knitting, and napping ;P I also actually like doing small things around the house so I feel more productive (empty dishwasher, pull some weeds, throw in a load of laundry, organize something, etc.).

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