Tuesday, June 9, 2015

39 and Feeling Fine

This post is two weeks late, but its been a crazy few weeks. We went to the beach with my family the week of Memorial Day (my birthday was that week) and while G did come with us for the first few days, I was solo with the kids the last few days and had to do 2 flights home alone. I was all ready to jump back into work Monday and realized I had jury duty. So I rescheduled things to the next day figuring I'd be there all day. Well I got out at 1pm, but not until I was picked to be a juror on a week-long criminal case. So that was exciting (it was actually quite an experience, I may write about it---no specifics---later). I had to cancel my clinics, work late into the night or early in the morning, and made it through the week. Sunday I got to the airport early in the morning for a conference---I'm heading home tonight. I haven't spent a day in my office (a few hours here and there, in the evenings, but not a full day) since May 22nd.

As a (quite belated) birthday gift to myself, I decided to write a list of the things that I've accomplished and are going well in my life right now.
  • I've gotten physically strong. The strongest I've ever been. I'm really proud of that! I guess I'm not genetically made to get much stronger (I've hit a plateau, that I can't seem to break out of) but I'm satisfied with where I am.
  • I've completely turned around my shopping habit. I did not buy one stitch of clothing (or any non-consumable in fact), for myself from January 1st-June 5th (a personal record). I did spend some birthday money my dad gave me on a few things last week. I debated this, but my parents and G insisted I spend it on myself. I mostly bought workout clothes (I have 3 pairs of non-tragic workout gear and wanted to add a 4th workout each week), a set of summer PJs and 2 tops for work that I brought with me to the conference. I have money earmarked for a pair of grey full-length pants, but I couldn't find any. I may go looking once in the fall (all the stores have now are cropped pants) but I have no plans to buy anything else until January of next year
  • I've completed most of the other "money smart" tasks I set out for myself this winter. I've also been tracking spending on YNAB and Mint (we fell of the wagon for a while but just hopped back on)
  • I've done some new-to-me stuff at work---starting a sub-specialty clinic, started two different clinical research studies, will be starting completely new lab techniques. There is a lot that I need to be doing that I haven't quite done (grants, papers, duh), but while I'll focus on increasing those, I can still be proud of what I DID do.
  • I'm starting to care less what other people think. I'm still not where I want to be with this, but on the not-giving-a-shit scale, I've definitely gained a few notches. This has also made me way less shy to talk to strangers. I was chatting up a storm with my fellow jurors and was the first to offer my opinion on the verdict. I speak up at our case conferences  and division meetings at work, too. Not too much, I am the last to want to prolong a meeting to hear the sound of my own voice.
  • I'm confronting things with therapy. Just going and being honest at the first meeting was really hard and I'm really glad I did it. I actually haven't gone in two months but need to make an appointment soon. I was making some progress with dealing with my anxiety.
And lest you think I'm becoming too content, my next post will be a list of goals for next year!


  1. Congratulations on all your accomplishments, and Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Happy belated birthday! It's a lot of accomplishments in a short amount of time.

  3. Wow, you've been gone a long time! I did that myself recently. But it's nice to see you back. It sounds like you've accomplished a lot of positive things. I wish I could not care what people think. I've been struggling with that lately - feeling judged by others all the time.

  4. What a busy, busy, BUSY couple of weeks. Happy belated birthday! And well done in braving two flights solo with both kids. My hat's off to you.

    As I said in my response to your comment, I'm really impressed with your shopping ban and it gives me hope that I could manage the same. I'm impressed with all the financial steps you've taken. I need to do most of those things myself.

    I love your list. Very impressive. You should be proud!

  5. Bravo! I'm super impressed. And happy birthday. xoxox

  6. Happy birthday! This is an amazing list of accomplishments ... especially confronting things in therapy ... and it sounds like you're setting yourself up for a year of even more amazing growth. :) What a wonderful way to celebrate yourself!

  7. Awesome list! Agree with everyone above you should be proud. I think I am also making progress in the realm of not caring what others think. How freeing! I also have done better with shopping since a) YNAB and b) Marie Kondo. However, not as good as you :)