Thursday, June 25, 2015


Last week, G & I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. On the day, I got a nice card from him, a card & flowers from MIL, and the cutest voice message from my parents (they took turns: "happy. anniversary. from mom. and dad. we. love. you). That night the 4 of us had an early, quick Mexican dinner, complete with guacamole, enchiladas and margaritas. The boys were a bit wild but it was still fun (seriously, we scarfed our food and left in less than an hour, they were crawling under the table and/or wandering around dancing). But there was no kitchen cleanup!

The real celebration was Saturday  night, when we had the sitter and went for sushi and then to a wine bar. The whole thing was over by 9:30 but we decided to head home and not push it---there has been more than one time when trying to stretch out a night out (with more drinks/food) ended up in a stupid fight fueled by wine and tiredness.

The weekend overall was awesome. Saturday was crazy busy. I got 22K steps on my FitBit, and that is in addition to the 60 minute BodyPump class I did in the AM. We were out and about all day. So of course, Sunday, we went nowhere! I managed to do two of the things on my "get 'er done" list: the mending is done, and I weeded the sidewalk in front of the house & sprayed the cracks with bleach. I still need to: post some baby items for sale, send off a ThredUp bag for some like-new shoes & clothes I want to consign (I've never done this, I've heard it sucks but it seemed easy enough to try it), and put chicken wire over my plants to keep the squirrels or whatever is eating my food out (too late, the cilantro and the chard are completely gone---I need to protect the lettuce & the basil). Sunday night there was a music/movie night in the neighborhood, complete with taco truck. So we went to that, but we had to drag the boys away from Finding Nemo halfway through since it was already 8pm.

We have a really busy few weeks coming up. I'm traveling (for the day) to give a talk tomorrow. My parents are coming tomorrow evening & staying until Wednesday. When they leave, they are taking the boys with them, to my sister's. G & I will drive down to my sister's Saturday and back Sunday. Then we have 8 days before we leave on an 8 day trip to visit MIL. We'll come back Tuesday but leave B there until Saturday, when MIL and B will fly home together. MIL will stay for 2 weeks. By then it'll be mid-August and we'll be getting ready for B to start kindergarten!

I'll write more about how that is stressing me out later. I'm missing the pre-K graduation tomorrow because I agreed to the date before the daycare announced theirs. According to B's teacher, G should be able to tape the whole thing, its 5 minutes per class. 

Off to practice my talk one more time...


  1. I just tried to comment and it disappeared. Oops. Congrats on 10 years! It sounds like a fun way to celebrate, and someday the kids won't be crawling under the table in Mexican restaurants (probably).

  2. That all sounds great! Except the stressing out part, but the rest of it!

  3. Wow. Ten years! That is awesome! Congrats! Sounds like you had some fun celebrating. I'm really impressed that you called it a night early to avoid later blow ups. What a mature thing to do. We would not do that, and then we would have the big wine and exhaustion fueled fight and then the whole night would be tainted by it. And I would never, not even in hindsight, think, "If we had gone home before we got too tired and too drunk that never would have happened." I just see that shit as inevitable. Thanks for changing my perspective on that...

  4. Congrats on 10 years! How did your talk go?