Monday, July 13, 2015

Three Good Things

We leave tomorrow for a much-dreaded 8-day trip to MIL-land. I won't go into the details of why I dread it, just take my word for it. Its an obligation and we survive. But when I'm using my precious vacation days, I certainly want to do more than "survive". I know from experience that its pointless to really plan or look forward to anything specific in our time there. She has plans for us, but they are vaguely formed and only in her own head---trying to get anything articulated ahead of time, or to plan our own outings around the family obligations is an exercise in (even more) frustration.

But just like any other times in life, nothing is every "all good" or "all bad". We all know even the "perfect" days probably harbor a tantrum or raised voice or frustrated sigh. And something I've finally learned in the past few years is that even the worst days have a glimmer of laughter, contentment, or satisfaction. The key is noticing and focusing on those moments, and using that to help carry you through the rough patches.

So I'm making a vow, with all of you to hold me accountable, that I'm going to notice and record three good things from every day of our trip. I'm packing a tiny notebook to jot them down at the end of each day, or as I go along. I suspect it will be a mix of moments with the kids (who will have a good time, which is one reason we go), time alone with G, and hopefully some me-time relaxation (reading, exercise).

I'll have my laptop with me, and I hope to post during the trip. Back to wrapping up work.


  1. This is great.

    Looking forward to reading!

  2. Good luck! I'd have a hard time being positive if I were spending my vacation doing something I didn't want to do, but I'm sure your positive attitude will make it better.

  3. checking in, thinking of you, and hoping it is going well!!!

  4. Oh man. I feel you on the MIL angst as mine is visiting in just a few weeks (shiver). I love this idea. Hope it's going well.

    ps. Your comments section doesn't like me. It's slowmamma