Thursday, July 2, 2015

72 hours of a different life

My parents took my kids to my sister's house yesterday morning. G and I are kid-free until we go get them on Saturday. Whoo hoo?

I was worried sick while they were driving on the highway. I made my parents text me every hour. We've gotten lots of texts and pictures of the boys playing with their cousins. We skyped last night and it was chaos. My poor sister! (but not really, they sent their kids over to our house last summer, for 4 nights). I miss them---their energy, curiosity, cuteness and snuggles. But I'm enjoying this break, too! 

What have we done so far:
Wednesday: Work. Come home and take dog on walk together. Extend the walk to neighborhood wine bar and have drink and some snacks, sitting outside. Come home and collapse because its hot outside. Eat leftovers. Try to come up with something to do together, acknowledging that I had a headache. Decide to do our own thing. G watches loud, high-body-count, action movie and has bourbon and nuts. I watch 2 episodes of Gilmore Girls and have 2 glasses of wine and mainline almost an entire large bag of pirate's booty.
Thursday: Turn off alarm at 5:30 and miss workout. Get up at 6:45. G and I take dog on 3.5 mile run. Struggle---I haven't run in 6 months---but manage to keep up (G is very tall and I am short. it takes 2 of my steps to match one of his). Go to work.

And here I am! I'm hoping to leave early today, since G's work lets out at 3pm. I may meet him at a bar where he's going with colleagues for happy hour. We want to go out to dinner, but haven't picked a place yet. Tomorrow is a day off from work. We are planning to dust off our bikes and haul them up from the basement to try them out (its been about 8 years since I've ridden my bike; I was going to sell it and then decided that a bike commute would save me time). There is a barre class mid-day at the gym I also want to try out. We'll probably eat out for dinner again.

Saturday morning we leave bright and early to drive 3-4 hours to my sister's place to reunite with the boys and hang out at their neighborhood 4th parade & picnic. And then fireworks (if it doesn't rain)!

Happy 4th of July!


  1. Happy 4th! It sounds like a relaxing few days.

  2. That sounds lovely! So nice that your sister and your parents were able to make this happen.

  3. Sounds awesome! Enjoy the kid-free time, as well as the reunion!

  4. awesome! so glad you two got to have the time. have a fantastic weekend!