Friday, October 16, 2015

Small things that make me happy

In no particular order
  • Crossing things off to-do list (bonus points if they've been lingering there for a while)
  • Challenging exercise
  • Being outside in nice weather
  • Wine
  • A really really good book, the kind where you sneak in 5-10 minutes of reading whenever you can because you just have to know what happens
  • A good conversation with a friend---in person, on the phone, by email or even a quick text
  • Watching my kids when they are playing nicely
  • Hugs from my kids
  • Fancy cheese
  • Looking at my flowers (I planted seeds in window boxes this spring and they are totally in bloom still---actually doing better than they were in the heat. I can look at them with pride for minutes each day; there is something about seeing things I've planted grow that mesmerizes me, still!)
  • Ignoring the to-do list completely and doing what I feel like doing
I know I've written these lists before, but I need to remind myself routinely that I am charge of my free time.  I'm hoping it will motivate me to make sure I incorporate these things into my weekend, even though inertia may keep me stuck in the house browsing the internet on my phone while the kids bicker around me. I know a weekend day goes better when I exercise, and I had added a Sunday morning workout to capitalize on that, but I haven't done that in several weeks now. I need to add it back, even a quick 2-3 mile run and some push-ups (and planks!) would do it. I know I am happier outside, so I'll just have to force the kids out of the house more--they enjoy it when we go, they just get caught up in playing with their toys and don't want to stop.  I have tulip bulbs that need planting---I was too lazy to do them last weekend, and need to remind myself that it'll feel good NOW to get the task of my list and next spring when I can look at the flowers.  I've got 2 actual physical BOOKS I got from the library that are due back in 6 days. I need to choose one and see if I can finish it this weekend. If I spent all the time I spent on my phone actually reading, it may happen! The wine & cheese are self-explanatory. And sometimes, the stars align and everyone is in a good mood, and you  just want to sit and soak it all in, chores be damned. I need to take those opportunities when I can, instead of slogging on to the next thing. The years are short.

What are your weekend strategies?


  1. I love your list.

    Our weekends are a mix of practical stuff (grocery shopping, any urgent errand), out-of-the-house activities, ice skating lessons, with 2 hrs on Sunday afternoons for work for me (babysitter!). I try to do absolutely nothing work related on Saturdays. I've been trying to read in the mornings while Tiny Boy watches TV and LG sleeps. Mostly we have a good mix. This weekend NEEDS to involve yard work...good thing Tiny Boy likes the rake!

  2. you already know my weekend strategies (go outside . . . work out . . . babysitter time if i'm flying solo!)

    however i am compelled to write a similar happiness list:
    nearly everything you said, except I don't have any flowers. plus:
    -- coffee
    -- wearing an outfit that i feel good in
    -- NOT needing to be in a hurry in any given situation
    -- beautiful and useful stationery products (duh)

    1. ooh the outfit is a good one! I took that advice today and wore the good jeans & a nice top!

  3. I only have one plan so far for this weekend: Sleep in as hard tomorrow as I can. After I wake up I can figure out what we need to do. I'm not even in one day at a time mode right now so much as one third of the day. (Just got back late from a work event.) (But no more travel until January!)

    Now if I can just get enough energy to shower and brush my teeth, I can get started on my grand plan.

  4. I love the idea of doing this exercise! Mine are the same as yours minus flowers and fancy cheese (although I did get into a brief spurt of yard work this summer where I started to appreciate caring for flowers/plants more than I ever had--not sure it merits a spot on my list yet though). I might also add a really good swim in a beautiful swimming hole/lake, ice cream on a hot day, napping with one of my children, having a good conversation in Spanish, and crafting a piece of writing that I'm very satisfied with (I'm a lawyer and write a lot for work).